17+ Wonderful Backyard Landscaping Ideas

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Backyard Landscaping Ideas – Backyard is an essential part of a house that has a lot of functions. You can turn the yard into a small garden full of vegetable crops, flowery, or other plants that you want.

You can also create a little playground for your kids to play around. Or, you can also make the yard as an extension of your living room or where you can use it to entertain your guests with barbeque party.

Hence, landscaping the yard isn’t simply an eco-friendly act only, but also more about including additional value to your home. In long term goal, when property owners want to resale their house, they will get more benefits. So, you should decorate the backyard and turn it into a more attractive area in your house.

In the following, you can try a few backyard landscaping ideas to create an entertaining and inviting backyard that ideal to your home design.

Add a Backyard Fire Pit Location

Backyard is an ideal location for a fire pit. For those who love to gather for a barbeque party or simply for toasting during any type of season of the year, a fire pit is important part of their house. There are several backyard landscaping ideas for creating a fire pit at home from simple metal styles to more sophisticated personalized styles.

To get started, you need to decide which style is the best for you. Here, you can determine it by considering how you will be utilizing the backyard for. If you want the fire pit for simply toasting, you can pick simple metal styles that less expensive.

You can easily purchase these types of metal styles in the residence and garden stores. Meanwhile, if you are looking for an elegant style that turn the fire pit into the prime focus of your backyard, then custom styles will certainly do. However, you should put more efforts and money to create sophisticated custom styles.

Include Backyard Personal Privacy With Plant Kingdoms

Living in the city isn’t always pleasuring. As your house with your next door neighbors are too close to each other, sometimes you might feel uncomfortable. You often think how your neighbors can take a peek at what you do in your backyard, whether intentionally or not. If you don’t want this to happen anymore, you can decorate your backyard in certain way to add personal privacy.

Rather than mounting high wall, how about use plants as a fence instead? As solution, you can utilize high hedges, tiny trees, or even big plants to obscure the view into your yard from neighboring grass as well as decks. You can choose plants such as clumping bamboo, Pittosporum tenuifolims, Viburnums, climbers, and much more.

They are fast-growing plants that are perfect for creating natural scene and adding some privacy at your backyard. However, don’t use plants such as cypress trees, boxwood hedges, and bamboo because they will grow swiftly and end up destroying the looks.

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Create a Backyard Eating Area

You can give more usage out of your backyard by adding an eating location for al fresco lunch as well as luxury dinner. The backyard landscaping ideas for this purpose can vary from something simple to something intricate. You can do as simple as putting an outing table set outside. Or, you can also doing something more by creating an outside cooking area. Here, you will create a kitchen extension at your backyard.

So, an outdoor patio is an essential part of your backyard landscaping task. You can use huge leading stones, a piece of concrete for the patio, or any other ideas. Near the cooking area, add a table, chairs, and some vivid decorations for adding a cozy feeling outside. Moreover, you can also add a grill area nearby, so you can do some barbeques anytime.

Include a Backyard Water Function

You can include a backyard water function such as water fountains, ponds, and waterfalls. They are water features that can bring peace as well as tranquility to your backyard. At the same time, water features also an excellent way to deal with drain troubles that mostly experienced during rainy days.

For creating water function, you can choose to buy ready-made sets for ponds or waterfalls for easy installation. However, you can also make it as a DIY project to meet your personal taste. For completing the decoration, you can plant a couple of tiny plants around the water feature and include a few of goldfish. Now, you have your own personal exterior oasis at your backyard.

Cover Up Any Eye sores

High or bushy potted plants are one of great solution to basically deal with any kind of eye sores you have in your backyard. Some backyards may have unattractive parts such as outdoor cooling units, utility meters, or old buildings-add landscaping around them.

Although the purpose of the plants are for covering eye sores but they become excellent decoration for your background. For example, if there is an exterior air conditioning system that disturbs the look of your backyard, you can put a latticework fencing around it. However, ensure that it still has plenty of air flow.

Modern Fountain

As mentioned before, water features such as fountain can be a great addition at the backyard. If you want to bring contemporary look at the backyard, you can opt for mounting a modern fountain. It can help draw focus without obstructing the beauty of the overall view at the backyard.


Having an outdoor lounge is a good way to create a special location for spending time with family or your friends. Developing a comfortable lounging location with a fire pit that surrounded by wooden chairs. Under the fire pit, you can put contemporary white stones to improve the looks and avoid sparks.


Well, if you prefer to bring traditional feeling at your backyard, how about develop traditional lounge instead. You can create a fire pit using pile of stones. Surrounding the fire pit, you can put several timber chairs. This atmosphere is perfect for roasting marshmallows while singing kumbaya and sharing tales all night long.

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Backyard landscaping ideas for other fire pit style is choosing a semi-circular design. If you have patio area or deck with a great view to the scenery in the front, semi-circular fire pit is a perfect choice. While roasting marshmallows, you can have a glass of wine and loosen up your mind to enjoy a pleasuring view at the distance.

Under Destiny

This backyard landscape idea is a good choice if you love to spend your night away while stargazing. So, creating a cozy backyard is a must. Prepare a fire pit with a brick landing for roasting corn or marshmallows. Then, complete the outdoor patio collection look with a pair of wooden chairs.


Another modern backyard landscaping idea is by bringing rounded metal chairs to encourage an elegant look outside. Put the chairs around a modern-day rectangle-shaped fire pit. A small round coffee table is a perfect addition as a place for a bottle of wine and glasses.


Some people may have limited space at the back part of their house. So, they almost have no space for backyard that full of grasses and plants. You can create your very own courtyard by including plants, flowery, and blooming bushes around in those limited space. Don’t forget to include some patio furnishing as a place to enjoy the day while having a cup of tea.

Dine In Privacy

Sometimes you might want to have a dinner outside like at the backyard. Enjoy a delicious steak with a glass of red wine with your partner under star lights. Here, you can turn your backyard into a personal area for outdoor eating. You can use shrubs or big plants as a wall surface to keep your backyard area personal from neighbors.

Modern Shade

Personal privacy plants have a lot of functions for backyards. They can be an excellent thing to keep your activity at the outdoor patio out of view. At the same time, you can utilize the plants to supply color at the backyard. Not only green from the leaves, but you can plant blooming shrubs such as forsythia, rhododendron, daphne, rose of Sharon, and so on.

Pool Personal privacy

Backyard is a perfect place for creating a personal pool at home. To keep your pool to yourself, you can use slime trees such as sky pencil holly, clamping bamboo, or hornbeams. They are a good choice to line your natural fencing.


A brick outdoor patio is always a good way to improve traditional look at the backyard. Then, bushes and flowery are always a good addition to improve natural looks at home. Don’t forget to bring basic table as well as the chairs to create a timeless dining area at your personal outside area.

Colorful & Rustic

If plants and flowery supply color naturally, you can use other decorations to improve your backyard’s shade. You can utilize rustic colors through the outside dining-room carpet and wall decoration.

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Complete the rustic design with woven chairs, long wooden benches, and light candle handles. The brick walls and stone-like ceramics also support the overall looks.

Traditional Brick

You can keep the brick walls and floors as they are. These traditional red brick can be good design touch that goes along with white exterior furnishings. If you have traditional home design, this backyard landscape idea is a good choice.

Barbecue Design

The outdoor fireplace along with small kitchen area is always a great way to complete backyard with barbecue design purpose. With the design of stone walls and flooring, you can create an outdoor place with natural feeling. Complete the design with a long wood table with benches. Now, you already get a picnic style themed outside area at your backyard.

In the center


Water feature such as pond or fountain in the center of backyard is a good option to create stunning centerpiece. Not only bring a prime focus at the backyard, water feature is also a good water drainage solution, especially during rainy seasons.

Coi Fish pond


If you want to mount a pond at the backyard, you can opt for a coi pond. The colorful body of coi can be an enjoyable view, especially when they are swimming around. Add greenery around the pound so the backyard looks more beautiful.


Having a small river at your backyard? Well, that is possible. You can create manufactured stream at your backyard as an option. Lining the stream with bushes and blossoms, so it will look more stunning.


You like bamboo plants? Well, you can also use bamboo to hide or cover any undesirable sights in your backyard. You can use bamboo stem as wall fencing as a divider of the area. Meanwhile, you can plant bamboo plants as natural fence lined the wall fencing.

Modern Grill Cover

When you have finished having a barbeque time, you might don’t want to bother remove the grill away. Well, you don’t need to do so because you can create hidden grill to maintain the backyard area clean while you don’t use it. You can cover the grill area with a window that easily opened and closed as you want.

Camo Conceal

Do you have any area or shed that have not a very good sight? You don’t need to replace or redesign the area. Instead, you can plant ivy to camouflage those undesirable sights. Not only as a camo, but ivy is a great addition to create natural look at the backyard.

Rather than spending time inside the house, more people love to enjoy their time outdoor at the backyard. So, creating a great and cozy backyard is important. You can pick one of the backyard landscaping ideas above to try at your home.

Backyard Landscaping Ideas

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