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KITCHEN FLOORING IDEAS – Are looking for some amazing kitchen flooring ideas for kitchen remodeling purposes? Well, many people are trying to remodel their kitchen flooring because of several reasons.

Some of the homeowners prefer to change their kitchen flooring to make it look more beautiful while the others think of changing their kitchen flooring for safety. Perhaps, you have your own reason for it. No matter what your reasons are, you can always get the best kitchen flooring ideas for remodeling.

Somehow, when you decide to change your kitchen flooring, you must make sure that the new flooring is better than before. It must provide better features and quality. The kitchen becomes the most used room in your house, so you have to choose the best flooring for it.

You may replace your kitchen flooring because you want to reduce maintenance and you want to feel comfortable when cooking. Certainly, you need to consider a few materials used for the flooring such as tiles, stones, plastic, rubber flooring, concrete, and timber laminate. Some people may like to use wood, cork, bamboo, carpet floor tiles, and vinyl. Anyway, what are the best kitchen flooring ideas that you can try to apply to your new kitchen?

Bamboo Kitchen Flooring


We start from the simplest and cheapest one. In this kitchen flooring idea, you use bamboo as an amazing flooring material which looks so traditional and classic. This is not only unique, but it is also environment-friendly.

You can even find some bamboos that grow around your house. Then, you just cut the bamboo into pieces and put them on the flooring. You may also paint the bamboo flooring to make it look adorable.

Carpet Floor


Carpet floor may not be the best kitchen flooring idea because it is quite difficult to maintain and clean. However, when you want to have a special theme for your kitchen, this carpet flooring is not a bad choice. In this case, you can choose a carpeted floor according to your favorite colors and theme.

Moreover, carpet flooring is also made from different materials. You may use a rug tile that looks like a real floor. This option is better because it has a soft material made from clothes. If you want to make it more contemporary, then you may choose carpet ceramic tiles which look more realistic and modern.

Concrete Kitchen Flooring


Concrete kitchen flooring idea is usually used by many Asian people because this flooring is affordable and easy to make. You do not have so much option for this concept because it is just a concrete flooring which looks ordinary.

This is a good flooring for a simple kitchen that uses many wooden products. This floor looks so fascinating with its gray accent and it is also suitable for a large kitchen remodeling.

Cork Kitchen Ideas


Cork may be a rare material that is used for flooring purposes. However, this can be a good option when dealing with remodeling your kitchen flooring. This kitchen flooring idea will be an exclusive concept that brings special value to your kitchen.

The cork material itself is designed with a waxy compound that can avoid any micro bacteria growth. Moreover, this cork flooring is also affordable, especially if you do not have enough budget to buy real ceramic tiles.

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Laminate Wood Kitchen Flooring


This flooring idea is perfect for your kitchen because it can give a special beauty to your kitchen. Moreover, it is also affordable just in case you want to save money in remodeling your kitchen thanks to the laminate timber material used.

So far, this floor option is one of the softest ones used by many homeowners. You can also mount it easily and can also choose your favorite designs and models. Besides, this kitchen flooring idea is also long-lasting, and easy to install.

Rubber Kitchen Flooring


When you do not want to choose cork tiles for your kitchen flooring, then you can choose the rubber flooring that is almost similar to the cork flooring. However, the rubber flooring may be the bigger one and it also has special textures.

Some of the homeowners would love to choose rubber flooring for their kitchen because it is easy to install and it is also adhesive free. Moreover, it is also comfortable with a non-slip surface. But, we would like to recommend you to choose the dark color to avoid stains. Anyway, this rubber floor is also known to be recyclable and fire resistant too.

Stone Kitchen Flooring Ideas


Suppose you want to get a natural value to your kitchen room, it is not a bad idea that you apply stone kitchen flooring idea where you can use some stones to build the floors. This flooring concept is usually used for outdoor flooring, but it is also good when you apply to indoor, especially for the kitchen.

It is a solid flooring that is safe for many purposes. You do not need to worry about slip because the texture is a little bit rough. The gray accent of the store makes the kitchen look so contemporary and ideal in order to bring a real-like restaurant kitchen.

Floor Tile Flooring


Floor tile flooring is the most used kitchen flooring idea because it belongs to the latest concept for any homes. It is a great choice of flooring that does not need much maintenance. It can also make your kitchen look tidy because you can choose some tiles designs according to your wishes.

The benefits of using this floors are including long lasting, easy to maintain, various forms, and moisture immune. That’s why most of the homeowners really like this flooring despite it is a bit expensive when choosing the quality.

Vinyl Kitchen Flooring Ideas


Though vinyl flooring is quite rare, this flooring material is still affordable. Moreover, you can also find some designs and structures for vinyl flooring on the market.

This waterproof kitchen flooring must be your best choice if you like doing activities in the kitchen. You are no need to worry when you drop water on the floor. Overal, this kitchen flooring is simply easy to set up, various styles, and waterproof.

Wood Kitchen Ideas


Wood is the easiest material that you can find around you. But, it will be more expensive when you want to use it for flooring purposes. In this case, you can remodel your kitchen with this wood kitchen flooring idea which looks so fascinating to get a traditional value to your home. Moreover, you can also paint the wood floor with your favorite color.

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Most of the people choose dark brown accent that looks so retro and rustic for a modern home. Not only that. Wood flooring is also quite durable despite it is not long lasting. It will last up to 30 years and then you have to replace it with the new one.

Distressed Wood Flooring


If you want to have a contemporary kitchen, then you may try to apply distressed wood flooring to your kitchen remodeling. This can be the most attractive juxtaposition that is only suitable for a minimalist kitchen. In addition, you may combine dark and white accent for the kitchen theme.

It will look more impressive if you can use special patterns on every corner of the room including the floor itself. So far, this beautiful kitchen flooring idea becomes the most favorite one for many homeowners in Europe.

Rug Runner Kitchen Flooring Ideas


Rug runner flooring gives a special value to your kitchen in order to get a modern-day look and style. In this case, you are able to use carpeting tiles that are made from soft fabric with beautiful motifs.

You may also choose a rug runner carpet that has a particular frame to make it look more stylish and futuristic. This flooring is quite popular among people because it is relatively cheap and it is also available in many stores.

Long Lasting Rug Tiles Kitchen Ideas


If you do not want to regularly replace your floor with new materials, then you are recommended to choose long-lasting rug tiles. This is not only a durable floor, but you can also choose a rug tile according to your favorite color.

You only need to put the floor on the original flooring, so it works as a cover where you can roll it up when you want to wash it or clean it. However, you must be careful because this rug tile may easily get dirty.

Modern And Also Sleek Kitchen Flooring

Another nice kitchen flooring idea looks so modern and sleek. This kitchen flooring concept is really suitable for any apartments that have small space. This flooring becomes the most favorite choice, but it is too slippery for a kitchen floor. So, you have to be careful when you cook on this floor and do not drop any stains or oil to avoid slip.

Planked Cork Flooring

It looks incredible to apply planked cork flooring for your large kitchen. We would like to recommend you to choose a darker accent for the floor that will make your kitchen become more natural and attractive. Meanwhile, you can use other accents such as white and light gray so that it looks harmonious. Now, you just arrange your kitchen appliances to finish it.

Herringbone Wood Kitchen Flooring Ideas

Using timber flooring can be a perfect choice, but you can try to get a herringbone pattern to make it look unique and special. This kitchen flooring concept is really suitable for any traditional kitchens that demand simplicity. You only need to combine between dark brown accent and white accent to make it more neutral and elegant.

Marble Rock Flooring

Suppose you want to make your kitchen look more fascinating and alive, you simply just need to use marble rock flooring which you use in the backsplash.

You can select white marble rock flooring to obtain neutral theme in order to make the room brighter when you use it in the night. Everything looks so white and clean while the marble rock flooring still has some abstract patterns to make it different.

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Rubber Safety And Security Flooring Ideas

Rubber safety kitchen flooring idea is an exclusive choice for a modern home if you want to avoid slip when cooking. This rubber floor is easy to maintain and you also do not need to worry because it will not get dirty. Simply, you can wipe it out when there is a stain found on the floor.

Meanwhile, the color selected for a perfect combination must be dark accent while you use a bright color on the other parts. Though your kitchen is minimalist, you will always feel comfortable thanks to the rubber material that you step on.

Black Slate Kitchen Flooring Ideas

Many homeowners want to have contemporary kitchen using affordable flooring material. Well, this black slate kitchen flooring may be your best option for you.

Simply, you can choose black slate floor tiles just in case you want to get a masculine theme. This special flooring is usually applied to many modern kitchen apartments and it is also applicable to a home concept.

Modern Rock Ideas

Modern rock flooring is not always made from original rock material, but you may choose tiles that resemble rock colors. You can even find this flooring in many markets.

Anyway, this kitchen flooring idea may be suitable for bar-like kitchen concept which basically has a large space. This flooring is not only attractive, but it is also easy to clean and maintain.

Modern Classic Kitchen Flooring Ideas

You can use some flooring materials to obtain modern classic theme. Simply, you can combine stone and wood flooring that gives special modern and classic value to your kitchen.

Meanwhile, the color selected is usually dark brown and dark gray. This flooring concept makes a minimalist kitchen look larger despite you use so many items in the kitchen.

Contemporary Ceramic tile Kitchen Flooring Ideas


Ceramic tile is the common material used for home flooring. You can even apply this flooring to your kitchen. It looks so beautiful because you can choose your favorite ceramic tile colors. Most of the people prefer white ceramic tiles, but we would recommend you to choose a dark brown accent to give contemporary look to your kitchen.

Patterned Floor Tile Ideas


Include some aesthetic passion to your kitchen with a patterned ceramic tile.

Single Kitchen Flooring Ideas


The patterned ceramic tile chosen for this kitchen keeps the single look going.

Lively Vinyl Floor


Pleasant lime vinyl is a resilient kitchen floor choice.

Plastic Wood Planks Ideas

It’s difficult to tell but this flooring is vinyl.

Plastic Geometry

A distinct pattern in plastic.

Contemporary Plastic Flooring Ideas

The textured plastic flooring has a luxury appearance.

Rich Timber

Rich, contemporary dark timber flooring.

Salvaged Wood Kitchen Flooring Ideas


The texture of these restored wood floors is eye catching.

Patterned Wood

The one-of-a-kind aim to these formed wood floors hides flaws well.

Kitchen Flooring Ideas

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