61+ Fun and Cool Teen Bedroom Ideas

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Teen Bedroom Ideas – It is easy to find teen bedroom ideas but the most important thing to consider when selecting a particular design for your teen bedroom is what they love or like. They have their favorite things to do, favorite colors, and perhaps they already have their own ideas on how their bedroom should look like. That is why it is important to talk to them, ask what they want to have in their private room, and incorporate their ideas in the bedroom décor.

A bedroom, for teenagers, is not only a place to sleep and keep their belongings, but it is their shelter and sanctuary where they feel safe and comfortable to do most of their activities such as studying, talking to friends, doing their hobbies, and so forth. Here are some teen bedroom ideas that may inspire you to decorate your teen’s bedroom.

Teen Bedroom Ideas

It is such a challenge to decorate a bedroom for teens as they are on the transition of childhood and adulthood. Their bedroom should not look too childish yet it should still contain a playful element with a lot more sophistication reflecting what they like.

The most important thing is that the bedroom should offer comfort so they can spend most of their time pleasantly. Things like the choice of furniture, design theme, colors, and size, should be well-selected to reflect their personality. While adults value tranquility and peacefulness, teens like a dynamic and cheerful space.

A Multi-Purpose Room

As stated previously, a bedroom is not merely a room to take a rest. It is more than that. Teenagers use their bedroom to hang out with buddies, do their school homework, share secret things with their best friend, and do their hobbies. To do all of these things, a room with sufficient size is needed. It does not always mean that the room should be very large.

If small space is a problem, there are several things that can be done to solve the problem. For example, if your teen loves book, you can create a small reading nook under a bunk bed. Another idea is to use a sliding bed for teenagers whose friends frequently coming over. Adding a tiny bench is another great idea, too. To add comfort, lie down a carpet with some throw pillows.

Hit the Wall with Bold Design

While adults prefer a bedroom with calm tone set by mostly neutral colors, teenagers are fond of something vibrant that can make the space livelier. This lively and energetic vibe can be achieved from adding bold design on the walls. Hitting the wall with bold design is a part of teen bedroom ideas.

The ideas include using brilliant colors that also add statement to the whole room. You can simply choose some colors that your teens favor. Alternatively, removable wall decals with attractive patterns, custom paint, and graffiti, can be used too.

Fun Teen Bedroom Ideas

The presence of several touchy-feely textures, materials and components in a bedroom can boost comfort and fun. Some ideas include adding deluxe bed linen, hanging curtains, using velour wallpaper, and adding a few of throw pillows.


Providing enough storage space is crucial for teen’s bedroom. As we know, teenagers are generally very active. They also have numerous activities. Most of them have various stuff, too. Therefore, the presence of storage space is a necessity otherwise their bedroom will be messy and untidy.

The products of essential storage space vary from dressers to shelving, from bins to cabinets. You can also use furniture that comes along with additional storage such as under-the-bed storage, storage space benches, and the like.

Fun Area

Sometimes, teenagers find their bedroom as an escape for tiring and boring daily activities. They need a fun spot other than their bed where they can get relaxed and have fun with their friends. A hanging bubble chair or a hair carpeted area can be examples of fun area in their room.

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Hanging Bed

The bed that is hung from the ceiling can create such an ultimate teen bed.


Attempt a neon indication as the coolest teen wall decoration, trigger you just live as soon as.

Diverse Teen Area

Teenagers adore something unique that makes them stand out from others. A unique room can be achieved, for example, by incorporating strong shade, bold furniture, interesting wall posters, etc.

Fringe Wall

Adding fringe wall is indeed one of the most remarkable teen bedroom ideas you can adopt.

Wall Fish Tank

Are you looking for a whimsical idea for a teen’s room? Try a wall placed fish tan

Blackboard Wall

In addition to decorate the wall, a blackboard wall can also help teenagers to express themselves. They can write down anything on it including writing their plans, schedules, and favorite quotes.

Easy Wall Style

Having no idea what to do with the walls? Go simple by buying removable wall stickers. They are easy to use and more importantly, these wall stickers can add visual value to the room.

Name In Lights

A marquis light word will create a fanciful ambiance in the dark and it will also make the room more personalized.

Urban Teen

If your teen likes an urban style, a custom graffiti mural sounds to be an amazing idea.

Sticker Headboard

If there is a problem regarding limited space, forget the bulky bed. Instead, you will be surprised with how sticker headboard can give a new look to the bedroom.

Cushion Lounge

There is no better than adding flooring pillows to create a cool and cozy teen area.

An Area For All of it

When a space size is limited, create an area that can serve as multifunctional space where teens can sleep, socialize, and work on their assignment.

Creative Storage space

Bored with simple drawers attached to a work desk? Be creative with the storage space.

Teen Desire

Ask what your teens desire. Show them some fascinating teen bedroom ideas. You will find out if a little study location suits them or if custom photo wall print attracts them.

Music Hipster

For music fans, a retro bedroom seems to be a thought-provoking idea.


This sophisticated design made of sea-foam paint looks classy and chic.

A Professional dancer’s Desire

A trendy wall mural can be simply made using a custom-made printer.

Round Beds Typically Aren’t For Squares

When a rectangular bed is too common, try a round bed. This bed has an awesome look that make the room one-of-a-kind.

Sport Loving Teen Area

There are so many teen bedroom ideas for those who enjoy sport. Decorating the room with jersey, sport accessories, and wall stickers can speak for the teens’ personality.

Look Up

People are often busy with the furniture and wall that they do not pay attention to ceiling. For your information, ceiling is a part of the design, too. If the ceiling has not texture, think about using oh-so-chic ceiling decals. It is a cheap yet a striking way to do something with the ceiling.

Vivid + Useful

Using vivid colors is another way to create a focal point in the room. Combine the vivid colors with white furnishings and high-tech furniture.

Wall surface of Memories

Don’t leave the walls blank. Let your teens design their own wall using interlacing ribbons, postcards, paper souvenirs, and so forth. You will be surprised with your teen’s art skills.

For the Bold, Diverse Teen

Depending on your teens’ personality and character, there are numerous ways to be bold and unique. From the bold and daring color scheme to shabby chic items and fashion-inspired fabrics, every single thing in the bedroom will be attention grabbers. The key is to mix shades and patterns in stylish way.

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Fun Home Design

Have you heard about fun cottage style? This fun bedroom design include the use of gingham fabrics with flowery pattern and soft pastel walls. It looks so unique yet chic.

Like a Dream

A bedroom is a place where teenagers grow and achieve their dream. For this reason, it should be designed like a dream. Think about a bohemian style. This design include the use of flawless bed linen with vintage nightstand and headboard, not to mention the eclectic stone accent wall surface.

Closet Smarts

A desk takes much floor space. Instead, choose a bed that is equipped with a multipurpose closet as you see in this trendy, Hollywood-glam bedroom.

For the Book lover

Everything is best learned from reading. If you agree with this wise saying, create a reading nook in your teen’s room. Make use of a fashionable, space-saving ladder-turned-bookshelf to store all of your priceless book collection.

Declaration Piece

Don’t be afraid to add a touch of bold yet lively color to be the focal point of a neutral area in the room. Consider this lustrous and intense raspberry hue from HGTV HOUSE by Sherwin-Williams.

Soft, Comfortable, Simple

These are the top three adjectives to define your bedroom. In addition to the bed canopy, the elaborately formed wallpaper accent wall give the room a charming vibe.

Gallery Walls

The brilliant blue art-covered walls really make this tiny bedroom larger than its actual size.

Happy Yellow

Yellow, known as a bright color, make the room looks lively. If you feel it’s too bright, use in only on one wall

Style With Activity in Mind

Teenagers have tons of activity adults won’t be able to imagine. This cozy and cool modern space was intended for doing various activities like resting, sleeping, socializing, and studying.

Fun Florals, Tidy Lines

Teen girls love the idea of fun floral print wallpaper combined with white, grey, and black furnishings.

Vibrant + Eclectic

These two can be achieved from eclectic accessories and stylishly vibrant furnishings,

Advanced Bohemian

A combination of minimalist design and bohemian style results in a unique space with brass and navy blue elements.

Shared-Space Style

It is so nice to have two or more teenagers shared a room. 2 full-sized beds with a shared cabinet can be a good idea for this.

French Victorian Fulfills Eclectic Teen

Who says that French Victorian design is just for adults? Imagine a mirrored armoire of this style is present in your teen’s room. It is such an awesome idea.

Fashionable + Practical

Looking fashionable alone is not enough. Practicality is another thing that matters. A wall length work desk with generous storage space is totally useful as well as practical.

Awesome Contrast

One way to go bold is to set a contrast. The white bed sheets looks dramatic when it is contrasted with strong blue-green peacock wallpaper.

Room to Grow

Soon, your teen will grow to be a young adult. Therefore, put this development in mind when designing the bedroom. The flooring, wall shade, and other main aspects are better to be kept in neutral pallet so it will be easy to change later.

Peaceful Desires

Sometimes, teenagers need a calm space. This can be achieved from diverse soft tones.

Stunning Gray

Who say neutrals are boring? Gray can look stunning. It can be an inspiring tone when coupled with other particular colors.

Organic Mix + Match Patterns

A teen’s bedroom can look inspiringly stylish when some patterns are properly matched such as these intense floral prints with fuchsia devices.

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Elegant Yet Lively

Elegance can be created by using pretty standard furnishings combined with intense accents.

Oh-So Glamorous

Being glamorous in room design is not always bout fancy and expensive furniture and gadget. The combination of extravagant lights, classy chaise lounge, and dramatic upholstered furniture can help set this luxury feel.

Include Personality With Wall Surface Decals

Huge wall stickers or decals like the pop-stars stickers can give a personal statement.


Gorgeous green eco-friendly wall surfaces combined with flowery accents give a room a whimsical ambiance.

Lavish + Glam

By using lavish styled furnishings and fabrics, the room will obviously look classy and trendy.

Lovely Lavender

Lavender wall surface is the ultimate source of peacefulness and tranquility. Combined with hardwood flooring, the room will be the most peaceful space on earth.

Old Hollywood

Old Hollywood never dies. The classic night table and rich bed linen accented with gold furnishings looks so diverse yet trendy.

Brilliant + Ventilated

An airy and ventilated feel can be set from the use of neutral furnishings with white ruffled bedding and white walls as seen in this Mediterranean-inspired bedroom.

Double-Duty Furniture

Some furniture pieces, especially in traditional style, can be so bulky in a teen’s room. Double-duty furniture can be a solution for this problem. A dark brown wood vanity that functions double as a nightstand can give the room a deluxe vibe.

Style Like a Designer

You don’t need to spend much money to get a designer-worthy look. Try to combine a straightforward color with neutral tone, accented with attention-grabbing pink in this fashionable bedroom.

Comfortable Corner

Every corner of the room should be optimized. Add a pleasant seat with a small side table for reading or studying.

Fully Grown Remodeling

Once a princess-themed area, this pink room got a teen-worthy upgrade by exchanging out kid-friendly design for posh gold accent items, bold patterned materials and also an enjoyable floral attribute wall surface.

Hangin’ Around

Great for lounging, reading a good book or taking quick naps, hanging chairs are just one of the hottest of-the-moment bedroom design trends.

Preppy Prints

Wanting to include a little preppy charm to your space? Begin with a couple of saturated shades like deep magenta and navy blue, then draw everything along with crisp white bordered bed linen and accent items in a fun chevron print.

White Out

For the teen that’s great at keeping her space tidy, an all-white bedroom is an elegant as well as ultra-cozy option. To carry out this appearance, add rate of interest with metal accessories and also a mix of fabric textures.

Vivid DIYs

Designer Michelle Edgemont used fun, formed washi tape to update an old yellow lamp shade and add a pop of color to this all-white bedroom.

Outfit Your Cabinet

Dress up a plain white cabinet with gold hardware then top it with sophisticated style like stacked books, blossoms and also layered photo structures in design-worthy vignettes.

Black is the New Black

When done right, black wall surface paint could make a chic declaration in your rest area. The method? Painting one wall black and leave the others an intense white, then load your room with vivid decor in fun patterns and also appearances.

Modern Glam

With a tufted system bed, white damask wallpaper and silver as well as hot pink decor, this ultra-glam area is a needs to for the high-fashion teen.

Brilliant + Sparkling

Eye-catching wallpaper adds enjoyable character to this appealing bedroom. To earn one of the most of an oddly-shaped corner, curtains were hung to take a comfortable spot for reading or relaxing.

Teen Bedroom Ideas

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