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Window Treatment Ideas – The main function of windows is to provide some amount of sunlight entering your home, driving away the darkness. In addition to that, windows can serve as a part of your home design that add aesthetics value to your place of living. They have the ability to bring esthetic appeal.

Window treatments obviously offer numerous benefits to home owners. Therefore, it should never be the last thing to pay attention. Instead, it should receive a top priority. Here are some ideas of window treatment that may suit your home.

Window Treatment Ideas

Window Ends up

There are numerous options of window finishes such from frosted glass to authentic stained glass. If you have wood furniture and artwork that tend to fade due to sun exposure, frosted glass as well as window films are the best options that can protect the furniture and other household items.

These options are also perfect for those allergic to pet hair and dust as they don’t collect these allergens. Meanwhile, adhesive films are available in some decorative options from colored graphics to glow-in-the dark style.

Most of adhesive films are easy to apply and remove. If you like to regularly change your interior décor, adhesive films can be the great choice.For older homes, authentic stained glass with clear leaded class and traditional colored styles can be your inspiration. You can decide to have an ornate or simple style for the stained glass.


Screens are available in several types. The most popular one is folding screens. You can choose whether your want to have portable bifold or trifold screens. They come in either simple or more decorative look.

If you want to create a bold statement for your architectural design, think about laser-cut metal screens. They are equipped with retractable screens that allow better air circulation.

Shades and Shutters

Shades and shutters are suitable for both home and offices. These window treatment ideas are known for their attractiveness. They also have versatile style, meaning that they will never be out of date.

If you want to keep with the trends, shades and shutters are the right choices. Besides, they are available in an array of colors. The good thing is the colors won’t fade away over time. They are indeed built to last. In addition to its durability, people like its beauty and simplicity.


Adding art is another interesting idea of window treatment. It can personalize your window, making it more dramatic.


Many home owners use indoor plants to add interest to their home interior. The plants intended for indoor generally do need a lot of maintenance. However, you need to control the amount of natural light that shine on them.

Some of them needs full blast of sunny-day rays whole others can survive in indirect sunlight. Window treatment ideas that help your plants to grow well include solar shades, roller shades, and share fabrics.

Art work On Windows

Artistic windows can surely bring a unique style regardless of your personal taste.

Flower Boxes

Why do you need window boxes? Properly arranged and placed, window boxes can bring so many advantages to your home design. This idea can transform dull windows into lovely space that brings life to your home.

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It also provides extra color and dimension, making your house stand out. Use boxes made from wood that match your patio. Put a mix of bright flowers and verdant greens.

Timber Screens

Timber is a common material for fence, shutters, blinds, and other furniture pieces. Not only do timber screens have beautiful look, they are also durable.

Cord Mesh Panel

Cord mesh panels are favorable because of three main reasons. They are durable, attractive, and versatile.

Wood Panels

There are some reasons to choose wood panels as a window treatment. First, it should be admitted that wood frames look magnificent and are very eye catching on any home designs. Second, they can last for many years. They need regular maintenance, though. One way to keep them look attractive and resist the natural elements is to paint and varnish the wood panels.

Map Shade

This option is ideal for windows in children’s bedrooms. Window shades made from a map can set up a fun schoolhouse look.

Graphic Color

The use of some basic colors together is a clever idea for a modern design. Make sure the colors of the window treatment go well with the rest of the interior décor.

Tarnished Glass

Nearly similar to other types of glass, tarnished glass becomes an ideal choice for window treatments as it creates privacy, prevents sunlight glare, and preserve furniture pieces to fade due to the sun rays exposure.

Prairie-Style Glass

Prairie windows are designed in Victorian style. This style is known for its elegance combined with geometric look. If you love traditional design with a stylish look, prairie windows are the perfect choice.

Iron Screen

There are at least three words to describe iron screen windows. They are aesthetics, value points and high level of security. What else are you looking for? Talking about aesthetics, these windows are very elegant. They come in uncountable styles, colors, and patterns.

They make your home stand out especially when you live in a neighborhood with similar home design. You can also enhance security of your home with these windows. Iron screen is made from crystal clear material that allows homeowners to see outside clearly so they know who are coming.

Laser-Cut Steel Screen

Laser cutting has been commonly used to create decorative screen. It is nowadays so popular because the material can enliven any space and design. It will surely bring a piece of art and add a character to your living area. It comes in unique design that helps transform your home into a new fresh look.

Layered Therapies

For an ultimate style, consider a multi layering window treatment. Not only does it provide privacy as well as unobstructed view, the layered style helps convey a bold visual impact to the décor. A visual elegance can be easily set up with this window treatment. Furthermore, compared to most other wall treatment ideas, the layered window is less expensive.

Patterned Material

Patterned fabrics and materials give a more textured look and add dimension to the overall design. When selecting particular patterns, it is important to consider the rest of the room décor.

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Stained-Glass Entry

Stained glass windows are one of the best window treatment ideas that work well for nearly all types of property. For your information, stained glass has been used for centuries. If you want to get rid of your plain windows, consider the unique design of stained-glass windows. For sure, they will help your house stand out from the crowd.

Huge Signage

Have you ever thought about adding signage, posters, or window decals to your windows? This may be not a common idea unless you have a business to run. However, this sounds to be a fun idea. You can give it a try.

Modern Curtains

Compared to traditional blinds, curtains work better in controlling temperature. They are also highly durable and they have the ability to give adequate privacy. For modern design, you can opt for curtains in solid bright colors. Match the color of the curtains with major furniture pieces in the room such as sofa or throw pillows.

Printed Roller Tone

Installing roller blinds brings so many benefits, providing a better home improvement. Many people like to have roller blinds in their home due to the trendy look they give to their windows.

There are various designs available you can choose from. In addition to their stylish look that boosts the aesthetic beauty of your house, roller blinds serve as good an effective insulator, they are convenient to use, and low in maintenance.

Aluminum Screens


Aluminum screens are becoming very popular these days. Because these screens are made from robust and durable materials, there is no doubt that they are extremely strong. The best thing is that they can maintain your desired privacy level as aluminum screens offer reduced visibility from outside. Furthermore, compared to other window treatment ideas, aluminum windows are cheaper.

Folding Screen

Folding screen is known as an attractive and versatile windows. Folding window has panels for opening. It gives an open feel and airy vive to a room. It is perfect for small homes it make a room feels bigger when sifted to one side. It gives easy access to the outdoor securely. It is also easy to clean and maintain.

Shades And Also Plants

The combination of shades and plant boxes can make the window area look more dazzling.

Leaded Glass

This type of glass is also called as stained glass. This versatile glass is commonly used for awning to casement windows. Due to its attractive look, it can provide visual interest to a boring room.

The beauty of leaded glass windows can also give the room a personal touch and they can serve as a focal point as well. Some of them are ornately decorated, offering more privacy.

Tall Plants

Are you a gardening enthusiast? You may want to create some window boxes. This idea really can beautify your windows and the entire house. What are the perfect plants for the window boxes? The options are endless from herbs to decorative plants.

Wood Shutters

Are you looking for window treatment ideas to replace your old traditional blinds? Choose no other than wood shutters. Apart from their longevity and durability, wood shutters require low maintenance and they look exceptionally gorgeous. The ability to control light is also wonderful.

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Capiz Covering ‘Curtains’

A Capiz shell is a luminous encasing that houses an oyster. Capiz shells have been popularly used for interior decoration including window treatment. If you want to add an artsy touch in your home, decorating your windows or doorway with Capiz shells can be a great idea.

You can even create your own Capiz curtains through a DIY project. Capiz shells are widely available in art and craft supply stores. The alternatives for Capiz shells are beads. Bead curtains can give an artistic look to your place.

Solar Tones

During summer, the weather can be extremely hot in some areas. The sunlight that enter through our windows can be too glaring. One way to reduce the amount of light during the warm season is to use solar tones. Solar window tones have dark screens made from polyester.

The material can effectively reduce the amount of sunlight shining through the windows. As they solar screens can reduce heat coming to your home, they help save your cooling bills.

Frosted Glass

If you are looking for the alternatives of curtains and blinds, there is nothing better that frosted glass. It can transform an old setting to a new vibe. Frosted glass are available in a wide array of patterns and colors. More importantly it boosts privacy and security when needed. It also has the ability to filter UV rays that can damage your skin. Another advantage is the easy installation.

Etched Glass

Etched glass is one of common types of privacy glass used by lots of window manufacturers. It conceals the inside of your home from anyone passing by. The glass is commonly used as window treatment because it is easy to install, extremely durable, and removable. Moreover, the glass doesn’t get transparent when wet.

Obscure Glass

Obscure glass has been widely used by many homeowners, interior designers, and architects. This product is quite popular for window treatment as it offers numerous practical and aesthetic benefits. Obscure glass has several varieties such as rolled glass, painted, and laminated glass.

They all come with various embedded pattern. Obscure windows are typically used as exterior windows because they provide both security and privacy.

Patterned Shades

Are you getting bored of your solid shades? Bring patterns to your windows! Shades are available in countless patterns, allowing you to choose the one suitable for your style taste and interior. They will totally add a significant decorative statement to your home as long as they match the rest of the décor.

Decorated Shades

Shades are made of a huge selection of colors, fabrics, and styles. Some examples of decorative shades are Roman shades that are suitable for a causal chic décor, basic roller shades for a stylish yet informal look, hobbled pleats that provide extra texture, and many more.

These decorated shades can be applied in any rooms in the house. They can boost visual interest while enhancing privacy.

Window Treatment Ideas

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