13+ Most Stunning Deck Skirting Ideas to Try at Home

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Deck Skirting Ideas – Some people may think that deck skirting is less important than the deck. The fact is deck skirting has an important role in improving the overall deck look. Deck, in general, is a functional part of the house where you can do lots of things.

No wonder if many people are willing to spend a fortune in order to create a distinctive yet comfortable deck. In addition to the deck, deck skirting can boost the overall look of the deck. In case you are looking for a great deck skirting, here are some deck skirting ideas for your home.

Block Deck Skirting – Deck Skirting Ideas

Deck skirting comes from various type depends on the house design as well as a spending plan. Whatever the design of the deck skirting, one thing for sure is that it has to have a good circulation under the deck. So, the air in the deck stays clear of any wet thing and rot. Thus, even though the deck skirt construction is made of block, but as long as it comes with some vents, then it is fine.

For the better appearance of the overall house, you can combine two kinds of material such as timber slabs and blocks. The timber slabs function as the air flow passage while the blocks are placed on the edges of the skirting to enhance the look.

Synthetic Rock – Deck Skirting Ideas

Artificial rocks are another type of magnificent deck skirting ideas. Synthetic rock is usually made from medium density polyethylene or thickness polyurethane. Those material panels are all very durable and not prone to rot or break.

The synthetic rock gives supreme rock look which surely will make the deck look amazing. Whatever the placement of the synthetic rock, be it down or up, it never fails to make your deck looks great.

Fencing Boards – Deck Skirting Ideas

Fencing boards are known as an old-school method of deck skirting. Even though it is old-school does not necessarily it is something bad. The old style fencing board turns out to be a wonderful deck skirting ideas. Plus, repurposing the fencing boards can be one of a great way for a cost-effective deck skirting ideas.

Some people even combine fencing boards with flexible boards beneath the parts of the deck. Many people choose fencing board for deck skirting is it is cost-effective and also simple to get. Setting up for fencing boards is also a piece of cake.

Latticework – Deck Skirting Ideas

Latticework is a great option if you are looking for something to cover unwanted sight under the deck or produce sensational aim. Besides the old-school style of deck skirting, latticework is also extensively used for vents, fences, or ornamental areas on the house.

Latticework is chosen due to the patterns which are strips of metal or wood that cross over some spaces. Another good thing about latticework is it distributes the air in the deck. Thus, it also functions to prevent the area under the deck from decay. One thing for sure, latticework gives your deck a wonderful look.

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Modern Outdoor Patio – Deck Skirting Ideas

The modern-day patio is an excellent choice for a house with open space either for sunbathing or swimming. The modern outdoor patio gives great look but it does not make the house overly elegant appearance.

For this design, you can use the block for the deck skirting or similar materials for building the deck as the deck patio is not too high. You can also include refined shade to the skirting for a more wonderful look.

Custom-Made Decks – Deck Skirting Designs

Going for the custom-made deck is a great option if you demand a distinctive deck skirting design. You will have a freedom to develop creative imagination and make it authentic. This is also a good way to make your dream deck comes true or when you want to make deck skirting to match with the house design.

Various materials can be used for custom-made decks including fencing boards, wood slabs, latticeworks, synthetic rocks, or also a combination of some materials. Even though it is very convenient, but makes sure that it provides good air circulation to prevent the deck from decay.

Presidio Heights Home – Deck Skirting Designs

You can find presidio height home in a most household in San Francisco. It is the area of luxurious homes and extravagant decks. You do not need to live in the Presidio height house, but you can adapt the setting of the deck skirting design into your house.

If there is sufficient space in under the deck, you can even transform it into the tiny garden and use the space for skirting as well. The idea of presidio heights home is indeed a fantastic deck idea to adopt.

Exterior Living – Symmes

The main purpose of the house deck is to make the family gather and spend time together. It should be a great venue for a barbecue and feast with family and friend. The deck skirting should add more value to the deck and overall house appearance.

For multilevel decking which is built right above the area on the ground, it is important to note that deck skirting cannot cover the overall area of the skirting. You can put latticeworks at 20 inches from the side of the deck and allow the air to pass through for better circulation.

Skagit Bay Waterfront, Camano Island, WA

Holiday by a beautiful bay is an unforgettable experience. The elegance scenery and great wind help sort out the crazy mind. However, if you cannot go to a bay by the weekend, you can have your own bay-look in the garden.

The Skagit Bay beachfront design applies the vertical type of skirting deck. Even though the deck skirting design is very simple, but you can function it to cover unwanted sight or store something under the deck. You just need to develop a small door for easy access to beneath the deck.

Gille Aindreas Deliberately Unity

If you want a distinctive yet fantastic deck skirting look, the raised deck design is a great option. This type of deck skirting allows you to observe the landscaped from the appropriate spot above the ground. The raised deck style allows you to appreciate everything around the house.

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Even though this style of deck skirting is great, but there will be undesirable area beneath the deck to give the raised effect. Fencing boards can be a great option to cover the extra deck while enhancing its feature. By doing this, you overcome the problem with house or deck makeover.

Eichler Inspired-Exterior

Influenced by Joseph Eichler, the basic deck style represents mid-century innovation. If you happen to have a basic deck similar to this kind of style, you can use the horizontal deck skirting to hide some defect below the deck.

This design should not change the sense of simplicity. Even though the basic style is not as decorative as other deck skirting designs, but the simplicity and straightforward of the style should accentuate the deck especially if you have a small deck.

Day Outside – Deck Skirting Designs

The vertical deck gives the illusion of a higher deck. It is usually constructed from fence boards or timber planks to achieve the look. For an even more sophisticated look, you can add some shades in the deck as well as the railing. To top it off, you can add some flower pots along the deck skirting for a green touch.

When the deck skirting and the deck is ready, you can invite your friends and family to come over and enjoy lunch or dinner outside. You can see how they are amazed at the beautiful design of the deck.

A Space for All Seasons

If you want a versatile design for all seasons, you can choose the open space deck skirting design. With the open space in front, you can enjoy the best time of any season with family and friends. It should be the best place to enjoy the landscape and sunlight early in the morning or you can also enjoy a romantic supper in the evening under the stars with your loved ones.

The vertical deck skirting design is combined with synthetic rocks which is a great way to improve the look of a simple deck. To complete the look, you can also put some flower pots around the deck skirting and adds green touch.

Westport Coastline Home

The Westport Coastline home design is very comfortable and cozy area to dwell in. The general idea to raise the house above the ground is always great as it provides excellent drainage particularly during rainy season.

In order to cover the undesirable sight beneath the residence and the deck, you can use vinyl for cost-effective and suitable cover. The best thing about vinyl is it can be stained or painted conveniently.

In these modern days, plastic is widely-used for residence refurbished. This is because vinyl is very easy to get, durable, and also very friendly to your pocket. If you are looking for a durable yet cost-effective deck skirting ideas, you may take a look plastic as alternatives.

Fire and Water – Deck Skirting Designs

Who says that fire and water cannot be put up together? The truth is both elements can stand side by side and create charming scenery. You can choose swimming pool deck to spend time in such a lovely landscape.

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The fire and water deck skirting design is constructed from blocks. This plays an important function in creating an awesome fantastic look. The contemporary layout of the deck stimulates a beautiful view of the entire deck. Swimming is a great activity to make you feel good and restore the mind and soul.

Those are some design ideas of deck skirting that you can apply to the home. Applying of the great ideas will certainly make the house looks fabulous and makes the house remain remarkable. Surely, the house will develop into a beautiful house everybody will admire.

A well-built deck skirting adds more function and better visual to the outdoor space. Besides adds finished look to the house, deck skirting creates a polished and clean look to the front of eth home. You can get the ideas of deck skirting ideas above, but before actually jump to the store, here are some things that you should consider.

  • The height of the deck. When deciding the design of deck skirting, the first thing to consider is the height of the deck. This is because it determines how much you want the deck to be seen from the outside. If you want higher skirting, it mostly will look like a wall while lower deck skirting is more suitable for a home with small ground space. Whatever the height that you choose, deck skirting is also functioned to cover the not-so-pretty space in the house.
  • The purpose of the house. Skirting, in general, can have many functions, but in general, it enhances the deck appearance and creates a polished look to the yard. Some people function deck skirting to cover unwanted space in the house. In some cases, deck skirting can also be a great entertainment space where family and friends gather for dinner. For these purposes, you will also need to consider the suitable outdoor furniture.
  • The material. Deck skirting can be made of various kinds of material. But when you are in doubt, choosing the same material as the deck is the best choice. You can also look at the majority material of the house and match it to the deck skirting. Most importantly, choose a durable material that will last for years.

Many people may not consider the importance of deck skirting, but when you do pay more attention, it gives polished look to the house. Different people may have different consideration based on their needs.

You can choose one of the decks skirting ideas from above pictures, but it is always advisable to adjust the design to your house condition. Some houses are suitable with high style of deck skirting while some other suitable more with the low skirting style.

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