27+ Best Mid Century Living Room to Try at Home

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MID CENTURY LIVING ROOM  РA living room is the first place in the house where you meet visitors. Therefore, the choice of interior style and decoration of the living room is very important. Midcentury living rooms designs ideas are a design concept that is suitable for those of you who like something simple yet elegant styles.

Essential Tips for Mid Century Living Room Decor

Image From Balodemas Architects

The Mid Century style

For those of you who like the style of the 1950s era, mid-century interior style can be an option. Basically, the midcentury interior design concept is more appropriately applied to homes with modern architecture.

The architecture of the midcentury house is a model of a house that was designed and built in the 50s. The architecture of this house was originally believed to be one of the solutions to creating social change that led to a better community environment.

When first hearing midcentury style, some people might imagine a classic home design but more modern or contemporary. In fact, the midcentury style is completely different from classical style architecture. The mid-century architecture is made simpler and looks more modern (even tends to be simpler when compared to the classic style). This is a design that prioritizes simplicity of a building; a long lasting design that will be liked by anyone.

The Characteristics

The characteristics of the midcentury itself appear on the roof that tends to be flat, detailed angles, and an asymmetrical appearance. The use of large glass and open space is also an advantage of this style. The use of large glass and open spaces aims to create integration between buildings and the surrounding environment.

One of the most prominent traits in mid-century homes is the use of large windows. Again, this aims to give the impression of being “close to nature”. This house has excellent visibility so you can see your surroundings without being blocked by walls.

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The next characteristic is the garden and trees. As a design concept that is made to give a natural feel to a house, mid-century design is often equipped with gardens and trees. Ideally, mid-century style houses are surrounded by green courtyards with surrounding trees.

Mid-century design is also often built on a quite extensive land. The design of a house must indeed be made to adjust the location where the house was built. In this case, we are talking about the suitability of the theme. The size of the land determines what design we will use.

Mid-century houses also often use wood furniture. The furniture itself has a simple design with natural colors. The design itself tends to be simple and minimalist. Wood ornaments are used to strengthen the natural impression on the design of this house. If you want to use a sofa, avoid sofas coated with leather or sofas with bright colors.

Some rooms in the mid-century house are often not separated from the wall. Living room, dining room, and family rooms are often made in one large room that is only separated by wall accents, colors, types of furniture, and layout. The rooms separated by walls are bedrooms and bathrooms. Many mid-century homes use white both outdoor and indoor.

Mid Century Living Room Ideas

Generally, the interior design of the living room in the mid-century modern style has a spacious room with large windows to maximize lighting. One of the important furniture in the mid-century concept is the coffee table. This living room furniture appears in almost all mid-century rooms and represents the focal point as well as the convenience of putting drinks when you chat.

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One type of coffee table that you can use is a coffee table. A hairpin-leg coffee table is one example of furniture that shows the aesthetics of the mid-century concept. A table with a leg hairpin has a clean and minimalistic design, making this table one of the best items to be used in your living room.

The mid-century concept living room can also be furnished with a sofa inside. But the design of the sofa is very different. Mid-century design sofas tend not to be too decorative, which reflects the simplicity of modern art. The sofa that you can use in the mid-century style living room is a sofa with low legs, elongated and designed with a contrasting texture.

To make the interior design of a modern mid-century style living room in your home has a thick, modern feel; please use the decoration in the form of a soft furry carpet with soft colored herringbone motif. You can use 2 sofas with different shapes and colors in your living room. In addition, you can also add a chandelier to the corner of the room to illuminate the entire room at night.

You can use a variety of furniture and other decorative items in brown, dark blue or white. The application of these colors to the design of the living room can give the impression of being cheerful, soft and natural. The living room wall with white will look harmonious with the sofa and chairs in blue or brown. In addition, you can also put various kinds of paintings.

Vintage design furniture is now become more popular along with the emergence of Mid Century Modern interior design. Furniture that was created from 1933 to 1965 has an artistic touch that is timeless. Square sofas with unique colors, oval coffee tables are some examples of furniture that can represent mid-century styles.

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Lights are one of the most important ornaments in mid-century design. You can use a wide selection of modern chandeliers so that your living room looks fresher. You can also use a table lamp higher than the chair to provide better lighting at night. The use of pendant lamps or modern table lamps will also give a dramatic impression and further strengthen the mid-century character in your living room.

Midcentury living rooms designs ideas are the right design for you to use in a large house. However, you can also apply the design to small-sized houses. In small homes, you certainly can’t use the design on all parts of the house, but you can still use it in several rooms in your small house.

Best Mid Century Living Room to Try at Home

1. Mid-Century Modern Addition, Truro

Image From Hammer Architects

2. Moraga Residence

Image From Jennifer Weiss Architecture

3. Modern Residence IV

Image From Rockwell Interiors

4. Inwood Place

Image From Tim Cuppett Architects

5. Lake Forest Park Renovation

Image From FINNE Architects

6. Mid Century Modern

Image From JL Decors

7. Bouldin Creek Bachelor Pad

Image From Christen Ales Interior Design

8. Pacific Palisades Remodel

Image From Natalie Myers

9. Mid-Century Modern Remodel

Image From Dave Fox Design Build Remodelers

10. Paradise Lane, New Milford, CT

Image From Billinkoff Architecture PLLC

11. Fairview

Image From Chris Nguyen, Analog|Dialog

12. Pugh Project // Living Room

Image From Andrew Heiser

13. Portola Valley Residence

Image From The Office of Charles de Lisle

14. Carmel Valley

Image From HKW Designs, Inc.

15. Midcentury in Del Mar

Image From Kimberley Bryan

16. Mid Century Modern renovation and addition

Image From Brickmoon Design

17. Carmel Mid-Century LEED

Image From Studio Schicketanz

18. Atwater

Image From Tyler Chartier Architectural Photography

19. Druid Hills Mid Century Modern

Image From Alair Homes Decatur

20. X-100 Eichler Restoration

Image Fom Lucile Glessner Design

21. Berkeley Hills House

Image From yamamar design

22. American Modern Thomas O’Brien

Image From ABRAMS

23. Mid Century Portland

Image From risa boyer architecture

24. Modern Artful Guest House

Image From Transition State

25. Living room

Image From Laidlaw Schultz architects

26. Midcentury Living Room

27. Kensington Mid-Century Addition/Renovation

Image From Balodemas Architects


Image From bgoDesigns

29. Dover Shores Remodel

Image From Eric Aust Architect


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