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28+ Wonderful Farmhouse Hallway Design Ideas to Revitalize Your Home

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Farmhouse hallway ideas will give a standout point on our farmhouse interior. There are two versions of farmhouse design that we usually see. The first type is the original farmhouse that was built more than two decades.

Meanwhile, there are also some farmhouse designs that are new. It means, the farmhouse is designed with each detail so it looks like an old farm house. Both of them have the same signs and characters. One of the most stunning ideas is the hallway. A farmhouse also has wooden ornaments.

Most of the house parts are made of woods. For instance, the flooring is made of solid wood. Besides, the farmhouse is commonly designed with big windows for providing a better view from the interior. Here are some of the inspirations that we can adopt for designing a farmhouse hallway.

1. Solid Wood

farmhouse hallway lighting
Image From Frederick + Frederick Architects

The best thing from a farmhouse is the wooden ornament. We thus need to explore better with wooden materials. It is important to pick solid wood with an old fashion outfit and pattern. The best flooring for the farmhouse hallway is a shabby solid wood.

Besides, the tiny hallway will look great as we place some functional storage bench under the big windows. A hallway with a window will be more comfortable since a tiny hallway is usually dark. To look classy with a farmhouse design does not mean that the space should look dark and dull.

2. Mirror for Farmhouse Hallway Ideas

farmhouse hallway table
Image From Modern Organic Interiors

For providing a larger space impression, we have to hang a mirror. The reflection on mirror creates a wider space illusion. For the farmhouse style, the frame is better to look simple but shabby. Pick a wooden frame with bright color so we can create a clean look in the entire hallway.

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3. Be Efficient with Sliding Door

farmhouse hallway ideas
Image From Tennessee Barn Doors

Sliding doors are always wonderful for a tiny space. The shabby wood is recommended for highlighting the style of farmhouse hallway. One of the most unique farmhouse hallway ideas is the heavy sliding door for it delivers the impression of mysterious as well as luxurious.

4. Home Library as Farmhouse Hallway Ideas

farmhouse hallway runner
Image From Barnes Vanze Architects, Inc.

Building a comfortable home library in the hallway is not a new idea. However, it can be a fresh idea for the farmhouse design. A farmhouse usually has a dark flooring with wooden material. To give the flooring more lavish outfit, we need to pick furniture with bright color.

To give the hallway bright ambiance, white furniture is a good pick. Along the hallway, we can build a large bookshelf. In addition, a window seat will make the area the best place for a family to share joy and stories. A curtain with artistic pattern can spice the tiny hallway. Just be creative in this home library to get the most functional benefit from the space.

5. Traditional Carpet

farmhouse hallway light fixtures
Image From Joesler Interior Renovation

Farmhouse hallway ideas can cover all aspects in the area. We can pick the lighting fixtures and wall ornament as well. Besides, we need to optimize the flooring. Besides the solid wood or laminated wood flooring, we can apply rugs or carpets. However, we have to make sure that the carpet design fits farmhouse outfit.

A traditional carpet made of wicker or other natural materials will bring a good breeze in the small hallway. In addition, some art works can decorate the flooring in a simple way. Just place a mirror, painting, and some other decorations next to the carpet. Select wonderful lighting fixture with contrast color for spicing up the ceiling of the hallway.

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6. Farmhouse Hallway Ideas with Fresh Flowers

farmhouse hallway bench
Image From RW Anderson Homes

There are limited ornaments that we can apply if the hallway is too tiny. In an original farmhouse design, the hallway is usually tiny. If we cannot place some functional furniture such as a bench, we can simply place a narrow table and place fresh flowers as the center top. Also, it is possible to place a medium-size pot with fresh green plants on the corner.

7. Wall Mounted Lighting Fixtures

farmhouse hallway wall lighting
Image From Cameron Custom Builder

Farmhouse hallway ideas should also include the best lighting fixtures to illuminate the space perfectly. A narrow space requires a good illumination. However, we have to be smart in choosing lighting fixtures so we can make the small space more artistic. One idea is to place large paintings or photographs.

To make the pics more dramatic, we need to use wall-mounted lighting fixtures. That will surely make the space romantic. In addition, we can place a small bench with cushion on the edge of the narrow hallway.

8. Earth Colors for Farmhouse Hallway Ideas

farmhouse hallway sconces
Image From Laura Moss Photography

A hallway of farmhouse home design has some typical ornaments. People will identify the style instantly as they see the head of deer on the wall. And some other factor should be the earth colors. Red, brown, and grey will be the elegant color for the hallway. Grey from the stones, light brown from the wooden flooring, and deep brown from the furniture all create the harmony that make the hallway livelier.

9. Pastel Color Farmhouse Hallway Ideas

farmhouse hallway ceiling lights
Image From Long and Long Design

Besides the bold color of earth color shades, we can actually bring the power of pastel color for creating a wonderful mood in the hallway. Pastel color with white domination will make the hallway bright and cozy. It can also bring a different warmth for welcoming homeowners anytime they enter the room through the hallway.

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10. Built-in Bedroom

farmhouse hallway decor
Image From Elizabeth Eason Architecture LLC

Some hallway heads to a private area. Therefore, it is good to optimize the room with some smart furniture and efficient design. For a small space, a built-in storage, book shelf, and bed space will be a smart alternative to use. The hallway will not be crowded with the built-in trick. It is possible to mix white color shades with the wooden flooring of the farmhouse hallway.

Other Wonderful Farmhouse Hallway Design Ideas

11. Valley Run

farmhouse style hallway rugs
Image From JLF & Associates, Inc.

12. Additions and Renovation – Oley, PA

farmhouse hallway paint
Image From Peter Zimmerman Architects

13. Cardinal Rd.

farmhouse style hallway runner
Image From Holmes + Salter Interiors

14. Mercer Island Farmhouse Modern

modern farmhouse hallway lights
Image From RW Anderson Homes

15. Ojai Farmhouse

modern farmhouse hallway table
Image From sherrij18

16. Cozy Hallway Double Daybed Bridge

modern farmhouse hallway
Image From Ike Kligerman Barkley

17. Modern Luxxe Farmhouse New Construction

farmhouse hallway light
Image From InHance Interiors

18. Modern Farmhouse

farmhouse style hallway lights
Image From Modern Farmhouse

19. Modern Farmhouse Full Remodel – Addition

modern farmhouse hallway lighting
Image From G Family, Inc.

20. Hinsdale Showhouse

modern farmhouse hallway ideas
Image From Cynthia Lynn Photography

21. Vita Hus

farmhouse wall decor for hallway
Image From JH Builders

22. Shelving

farmhouse bench for hallway
Image From Jh Strain Carpentry LLC

23. Modern Farm House

farmhouse lights for hallway
Image From TruexCullins Architecture + Interior Design

24. Willow Street

farmhouse decor for hallway
Image From M House Development

25. Frio Camp

farmhouse hallway flooring
Image From Tim Cuppett Architects

26. Modern Farmhouse – Durham, NC

diy farmhouse hallway table
Image From Lisle Architecture & Design

27. McGaheysville Home

modern farmhouse hallway decor
Image From The Gaines Group Architects

28. Ivy House

farmhouse hallway decor ideas
Image From Foundation for Architecture and Design

29. An Antique Cape Cod House Explodes With Color

farmhouse hallway colours
Image From Rikki Snyder

30. Sugar Grove Farmhouse 2

country farmhouse storage hallway bench
Image From Elizabeth Eason Architecture LLC

A farmhouse is a terrific design that will make people feel the true meaning of home. All of the details will remind us with the past time when modernity has not interfered humans this bad yet. Thus, it will be good to explore more on this concept. Those farmhouse hallway ideas will be good reference for improving the tiny space of farmhouse hallway.

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