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Top 10 Unique Modern Staircase Design Ideas for Your Dream House

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Most people dream of a big house with two or more floors. It is always nice to have a space upstairs. Even if it is only the attic, an additional space is always wonderful.

People will have more place to build comfortable family areas on the second floor. Also, the balcony will give inspirations for homeowners. There are various designs and ideas that people can do with their second floor.

However, many people worry about the staircase. For some reasons, modern staircase ideas will give people inspirations to create unique stairs which will not disturb the look of the interior.

1. Short Wooden Stairs

modern architecture staircase
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Stairs do not have to be too long and high. With this simple design, we can reduce the length of a stair. That makes the stairs more comfortable to use. Besides, it will be easy to decorate such short stairs.

The wooden steps make the stairs even more admirable for the modern and minimalist house. Add a standout furniture under the stairs and we can get a stunning space instantly. Also, play beautiful art over the stairs so we will not get bored with the plain appearance.

2. Stone Wall and Modern Stairs

modern staircase chandelier
Imager From Amanda Martocchio Architecture
3. CplusC Architectural Workshop

You might want to know whether stone, woods, and glass can work well for providing a great ambiance around the stairs. The answer can be surprising. You will love the way a stone wall can give a terrific accent to stairs. The natural element of wood and stones will also give a fabulous impression to the area.

Therefore, we need to pick the right color so each element will blend well. The wooden should not take up most of the space. We can give some more space for glass material so everything will appear flawless in harmony.

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3. Semi Spiral Stairs with Indoor Garden

modern staircase images
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Modern staircase ideas always place art and green concept in balance. Therefore, it will be beautiful to add a tint of green color when designing a modern staircase. It is also great to mix the color of natural brown from the wooden material with the natural green leaves.

For some people, modern means metal and simplicity. But then, we should never forget that natural elements with simple design can be included in the modern concept. Pick the right spiral or semi spiral design for the staircase and place some plants under the steps to create a powerful space around staircase.

4. A Functional Space under Staircase

modern staircase runner
Imager From Park City Design Build

Do you know that the main idea of a modern design for the interior is the functional space? That is why, modern staircase ideas always include added function around the stairs. After deciding the materials of the steps, railing, and fence, we need to make sure that we place functional furniture under the stairs. It will be good to use it as a sitting area.

But then, we need to be selective for optimizing the function of that tiny space. Wooden furniture with small stools will be the perfect choice. In order to make a harmonious place, we need to choose the same materials for both the stairs and the furniture under.

5. Alternative Materials of Modern Staircase Ideas

modern staircase spindles
Imager From Peter A. Sellar – Architectural Photographer

Instead of using wooden material for the steps of staircase, modern designs of stairs can make use concrete, ceramics, metal, and glass as the main compositions for the stairs. We will get a dramatic impression of modern and minimalist concept as we prefer all of those materials.

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Indeed, we need to combine the color well if we want to make every single component standout. For instance, we need to blend monochromatic colors of black and metallic while giving accent of lighting fixture above the stairs.

6. All Wooden Elements

modern staircase railing
Imager From Realco Creations com

Wooden elements deliver the beauty of nature in the simplest way. But is that possible to use all wooden materials in staircase designs.

Woods will work well for steps, railing, wall panel, and even the ceiling around the stairs. We need to explore solid wood for obtaining the lavishness of nature all over the space.

7. Transparent Railing

modern staircase lighting
Imager From Arch4

Stairs should be equipped with a secure feature. Railings and handles should be available so homeowners can climb up the stairs safely. The transparent railing will be a good choice for giving a room more dramatic view and wider space impression.

8. Contemporary Style on Modern Staircase Ideas

modern staircase design

Adopting the concept of contemporary art for staircase is definitely a brilliant idea. We will be able to add the spice and class in our interior as we succeed to bring the contemporary style for stair steps, forms, and railing. First of all, we need to make sure that the master plan and main shape of the stair are unique. Spiral stairs with solid and thick materials.

We need to play the color scheme in bold options so the appearance looks more spectacular. Place big ornament over the staircase to give the idea more standout view. We need to select contrast colors for the lighting fixtures and ceiling ornaments.

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9. Dramatic Lighting Fixtures

modern staircase minecraft
Imager From Arcways, Inc.

A long and spiraled staircase can be boring and dull. Therefore, we need to search the alternative idea to spice up the blank space in the middle of the stair. We can use pendant lighting with a long drop design.

The idea is not a new option for a modern staircase but it will always work well. Combine the simple lighting with wooden feature to provide a more stunning finish.

10. Colorful Art around the Modern Staircase

modern staircase ideas
Imager From Carolina V. Gentry, RID

The design of interior will not look flawless unless we place some work of art. Whether it is painting or artistic flooring, art will add a colorful impression which triggers a good mood in a room. That is why, besides the wooden color, we have to design the area with colorful ornaments.

The modern staircase ideas are endless. The countless creativity will work for almost all space and interior concept. We need to only be smart in applying the perfect style. We do not have to use all expensive materials and ornaments. What we have to do is to make everything flawless through the simplest ideas.

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