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27+ Modern Farmhouse Exterior Design Ideas for Stylish but Simple Look

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Farmhouse designs are commonly loved by those who still hold old family tradition strongly. The design will surely shows the style and the character of the house and the tradition held by the owners of the house.

The farmhouse design is not only centered on the interior, but the farmhouse exterior ideas should be part of it as well. When a family carries a modern life style but they still want to preserve the tradition of the family, the farmhouse exterior ideas will be, of course, their ultimate option to keep the tradition alive among the family without living the modern touch.

The farmhouse exterior ideas will usually be presented on the bright colored-siding, tin roofs, barn lightning, and most of the time; it is shown on the rustic touch of woods.

Any materials you choose, whether it is brick, stone, woods, or even steel, you have to make sure that they are durable enough for any weather throughout the year. Besides, you are surely to choose the ones that fit your personal taste and style, so that they will represent who you are and what you love.

The list below will show you several farmhouse exterior ideas that may tickle your mind so that you can’t resist not to have one.

1. Woody Farmhouse Exterior

farmhouse exterior colors
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Woods has been one of the most favorite options when you want to present the farmhouse design into your house. The present of wood as the exterior wall of the house, as well as the doors, has given a strong sense of a farmhouse. Its yellow natural color will help the house itself blend perfectly with surrounding nature. It’s going to be a perfect choice for a farmhouse design.

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2. Simple Farmhouse Design

farmhouse exterior ideas
Image From Round Top Home Builders

This farmhouse design has a very simple style but it looks gorgeous, still. With the touch of woods o the wall, which is painted white, plus, the natural grey of the roof, the house has given a vivid picture of a farmhouse. In addition, the natural yellow-brick colored on the small stair on the porch and the chimney at the back of the house, the farmhouse designed is clearly defined.

3. Modern, Classy Farmhouse Exterior

farmhouse exterior before and after
Image From BAR Design + Construction

Farmhouse design may also have a modern look and touch. If you live in a modern house, yet, you don’t want to lose the farmhouse nuance in your home, the use of woods on some part of the exterior wall will help you a lot in present the farmhouse look. Moreover, on the other part of the wall, the ones which is not covered by woods, choose the natural grey color to enhance the farmhouse style into your modern house.

4. The Defined Stone Chimney

farmhouse exterior doors
Image From Libertyville New Construction

Chimney is one of the most protrude character of the farmhouse style. Its present, with the natural earth color, will give the best look of the farmhouse style ever. The light grey color on the wall and the roof will match the design as well. The white color on the siding is just another perfection you can see on the farmhouse style. Moreover, the large glass window is giving another confirmation of the old style.

5. Elegant Farmhouse

farmhouse exterior design
Image From VictorEric

This is just one of the best pictures of a farmhouse model. Every part of the house plays its important role to show everyone that it is just a true farmhouse. The stone on the yard, the coarse surface of the wall, the woods for the main doors, and the for the garage doors, not even mention the ones for the windows. Plus, the perfect natural yellow lightning. Everything has just given a great definition on the farmhouse style.

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6. Columns for The Farmhouse Style

farmhouse exterior shutters
Image From Rellion Homes

White color is the basic color used for farmhouse style. You can see that the house is dominant with white color. The dark-colored and large windows, however, give a clear portrait of the farmhouse style. Wide porch with columns is also great way to bring something old to the house. Warmth and simplicity which have been the main character of the farmhouse is easily found here.

7. Modern Farmhouse Exterior

farmhouse exterior window trim
Image From Don Harris, Architect

This is one of Simple and elegant farmhouse exterior ideas. It’s just a nice combination of modern and old style. The use of natural materials such as stone on the main front wall has defined its farmhouse style. Yet, the modern and classy style of the house is still vividly seen on some other part.

The natural grey color is also another character if the old style which is another nice try to bring the country atmosphere into the house. The wood-color door is a bit out of context, yet, it determines the farmhouse style is being lived in this house.

8. Old Yet Modern

farmhouse exterior accents
Image From VictorEric

Looking for something old but modern at the same time? Maybe this one could be the answer. The modern and minimalist style is so obvious in this picture. However, the addition of the natural materials like stone has given another taste into the house.

You may call this the beauty of mix-up between the old and the modern style. Plus, the lightning it has is just another perfect factor to match the farmhouse style.

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9. Natural Materials for The Modern House

farmhouse exterior window shutters
Image From Shean Architects Inc.

The woods and stone are the best natural materials to bring you the farmhouse nuance into the modern lifestyle. In this picture, you can see that the woods has played an important role on the wall to give the farmhouse effect for the house.

Yet, the stone, though it plays its role as the decoration, but its present has enhanced the definition of the farmhouse style which is wanted to be showed up in this house.

Modern Farmhouse Exterior Design Ideas

10. Regents Park

modern farmhouse exterior architecture
Image From Powell Landscape Architecture

11. Ash Residence

modern farmhouse exterior australia
Image From VictorEric

12. Hayes House

farmhouse interior and exterior
Image From ARCI Architects

13. Montauk

farmhouse exterior with wrap around porch
Image From Pamela Glazer Architect

14. South Range Cabin

american farmhouse exterior paint colors
Image From Johnston Architects

15. Wetland Native Planting

american farmhouse exterior
Image From Q Design Group LLC

16. Hythe Residence

farmhouse exterior back door
Image From VictorEric

17. North Sea, Long Island, NY Residence

farmhouse exterior blue
Image From Pamela Glazer Architect

18. Hidden Prairie Farm

farmhouse exterior beams
Image From DeLeers Construction, Inc.

19. Hidden Prairie Farm 2

farmhouse blue exterior paint
Image From DeLeers Construction, Inc

20. E. 19th St, Costa Mesa

farmhouse bungalow exterior
Image From Rellion Homes

21. Modern Farmhouse

farmhouse blue exterior colors
Image From Shean Architects Inc.

22. Park City Estate

modern farmhouse exterior brick
Image From Magleby Construction

23. Lincoln

farmhouse exterior corbels
Image From Moontower

24. Can Deus

farmhouse exterior christmas decor
Image From Dawson Design Group

25. Garcia/Tongsuthi

farmhouse exterior color palette
Image From Jeannette Architects

26. Modern Farmhouse – Durham, NC

farmhouse exterior colors 2019
Image From Lisle Architecture & Design

27. Ash Residence 2

farmhouse exterior color ideas
Image From VictorEric

28. Adams Farm

farmhouse exterior colors sherwin williams
Image From Adams Farm

29. Locarno Residence

farmhouse exterior color combinations
Image From VictorEric

30. Garcia/Tongsuthi 2

farmhouse exterior door knobs
Image From Jeannette Architects

All the farmhouse exterior ideas above has one main goal; it’s to bring the warmth and simplicity which is portrait by natural touch and materials for the house. And all those closeness to the nature is hoped to lead the owners for a sanctuary: a place where it can give them the relaxation they need from the stressful world and its businesses.

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