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Top 10 Double Bathroom Vanity Design Ideas

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Bathroom has played an important role in a house. A bathroom is a very private room in a house, so that it could show you the character of the owner easily. Those who live a modern lifestyle tend to live in a small house instead. The owners of this kind of less spacious house would likely need double vanity bathroom ideas to be applied for their house.

Double vanity bathroom is just a perfect choice of bathroom for small house. You won’t need a large space to have effective bathroom activities such as tooth brushing together at the same time.

Only with a small space, it is possible for you to have two sinks instead of one, so you can share your bathroom together with your roommates to enable you to do teeth brushing, putting on makeup on your face, and some other things at the same time. It means less conflict happen and less time consuming as well.

Besides, Double vanity bathroom ideas will also put more value on your house, instead of one, two available sinks on your bathroom will be more likely preferred by buyers when you want to sell it.

When the potential buyers’ priority on buying a house is on its bathroom, your double vanity bathroom ideas will play a significant role in its purchase.
Now, let’s see on the list below! You can find the best double vanity bathroom ideas of all times that you definitely can’t resist.

1. Woody Double Vanity Bathroom

double bathroom vanity set
Image From Designing First Impressions

When you see the picture, you can feel it as a classy bathroom. The touch of the stern wood with dark color has given the elegant sense on the bathroom. The use of wide mirror listed by wood as well gives the look that the room is more spacious than it is for real.

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The wide glass door has also play an important role to give a spacious impression of the bathroom itself. The flower, right in the middle of both sink, has been an enough sweeter for the room.

2. White and Brown Double Vanity Bathroom

double bathroom vanity top
Image From Chalet

The white color to be chosen as the color of the wall paint has commonly used to give an impression that the room is quite spacious. It’s a good strategy to manipulate the small space that you have for your bathroom.

The brown color of the wood cabinet has given a little rustic touch of the bedroom. Plus, you can see that it functions well to keep your personal things separately from your partner. The two oval mirror will surely help you do your “personal things” together without being disturbed by one another.

3. Excellent White Double Vanity Bathroom

double bathroom vanities and sinks
Image From Kayron Brewer, CMKBD / Studio K B

The main point of the double vanity bathroom ideas is actually to how to maximize the small space for comfortable bathroom. And therefore, the use of white color is very common for this kind of design.

You can see that the cabinet is dominantly white. Its large size will enable you to keep the personal things together, yet, separately still. The double sink with separate mirror will solve your constant problem of who’s going to brush teeth first before you go to bed.

4. Tosca Accent For Your Double Vanity Bathroom

double bathroom vanity mirrors
Image From designstiles

As everyone knows that in double vanity room, white has been the dominant color to be used, here, you can also use other color to make it look sweeter. A little touch of tosca on the cabinet will make your bathroom look sweeter instead of total white. You can also use the same color for your door mat as well to cheer up the nuance of your bathroom.

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5. Nice Floating Double Vanity Sink

double bathroom vanity with sink
Image From Ligneous Kitchens

This is a unique ide of double vanity. You can see that it looks like floating, with an open space under the storage. This concept will be perfect for you if you have a modern house, or you live in an apartment when you don’t really have quite large space to live. The silver list on the mirror has given an elegant and classy touch. It’s really a modern choice of lifestyle.

6. Fashionable Floating Sink with Round Mirror

double bathroom vanities at lowes
Image From Linear London

This is another idea of floating double vanity sink you can use for your bathroom. The use of firm color seems to be deliberately contrasted to show you that the owner of the bathroom has the same quality as its bathroom.

7. Double Vanity with Un-separated Glass

double bathroom vanities amazon
Image From 2id Interiors

Bathroom is where everyone does their private things freely. The often express what they can do outside, here. Therefore, people need to create their bathroom to be as comfortable as possible. Having a double vanity in a bathroom helps you realize it. Even when you have un-separated mirror, you still can have your own privacy done.

Your private belongings are also possible to be separately kept on the storage under the sink. One advantage you can get from the wide glass is that, it can give you more spacious look of the room. So when you have a small room, this idea will do well for your bathroom.

Other Double Bathroom Vanity Design Ideas

8. Bathroom Double Vanities and Cabinets

double bathroom vanity with tower
Image From In Your Space Interior Design

9. Double Bathroom Vanity Decor

double bathroom vanity ideas
Image From KraftMaster Renovations

10. Double Bathroom Vanity Designs

double bathroom vanities at home depot
Image From Claudia Interior Design

Having a large size of a house seems to be everyone’s dream. However, if you’re not the one who can afford such house, having double vanity bathroom ideas will help you a lot to save some spaces in your house.

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The first and the main benefit by applying this design is to manipulate the spaces in your house. The second one, it will give the more charming look on your bathroom which leads into the higher value of your house for the prospective buyers if someday you want to sell your house.

Moreover, having a double vanity bathroom will be time saving where you don’t have to wait your partner do their personal things like brushing teeth or put on makeup. You can do it all those things together at the same time, side by side, even you can have a warm and nice conversation along which may increase the quality of your relationship.

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