13 Simple but Gorgeous Nautical Bathroom Ideas for Your Home

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You love the sunshine and the soothing breeze when you are lying on the beach. You simply love the warm weather and the ocean waves.

You enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and you love it how the sunray touches your skin like a gentle kiss. Most people want to make this memory long lasting so they decide to bring the seaside atmosphere to their home. And that’s why there are some great nautical bathroom ideas that may be perfect for your home as well as representing your personal characteristics.

On the contrary to what people believe, you don’t need to spend a fortune or plan an extravagant scheme to your home decor. As long as you are able to deliver roomy and open space, you are halfway there. Make sure that the furniture and the decor are minimal.

Naturally, you want to include blue and white shades – the signature colors of the sea. The simplest design that you can do is to include blue and white, nautical accessories (such as ship’s wheel wall decor, wooden crates and empty bottles, and seashells), and white striped textiles.

But then again, there are more designs that you can implement to your home decor. It’s a good thing that there are some great inspirations that can be used as examples for your bathroom decor needs.

Nautical Bathroom Ideas

Nautical Wallpaper

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You won’t believe that there are tons of simple but great wallpapers with the nautical theme out there. Of course, you can use them for your nautical bathroom theme. Wallpapers with map, seagull, or yacht motif are great to deliver an instant seaside atmosphere to your bathroom.

Remember, you can pair up the wallpaper with minimal furnitures such as vanity sink and a porthole mirror. Wall sconces in the form of shells or mermaids will complete the whole look just perfectly. This design is simple but it is spot-on.

Don’t forget that you can cover the entire walls with the wallpaper if the bathroom is small. But if you have a large bathroom, create a feature wall (meaning that you only cover one wall and leave the rest with the regular paint).

Natural Colors and Textures

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If you want to create a rusty and worn seaside effect, you should incorporate natural textures as well as colors. For instance, you can choose wood as the main material for the bathroom. If you think that all wood will be boring, feel free to combine it with other natural materials such as stone.

You can have a wooden floor and wall but mix it up with the stone bathing area. Or you can have a wooden wall with a stone floor for a mix-and-match. It is up to you how you want to manage it!

Don’t forget that colors also play an important role in the bathroom decor. Pale colors are usually associated with the coastal feel. White is usually used in the bathroom palette but there are different shades of white.

Make sure to use different shades of white so it won’t be boring or cold. Once you use white, don’t forget to mix it up with other colors (remember, pale hues are the best). You can use pale blue or pale gray to create an elegant setting. If you want a brighter and more cheerful effect, go with pale green or turquoise. You will never go wrong with this kind of arrangement.

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Black and White Nautical Theme

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Just because you are having a nautical bathroom, it doesn’t mean that you should go only with blue, green, and white. There are actually other colors that you can use to create a modern nautical look. This black and white bathroom, for instance, is dominated by a white palette. With a white wall, floor, and vanity, the bathroom looks crisp and clean.

The black top countertop creates a different accent, looking matching with the black porthole mirrors. Include navy bathroom mat and towel, along with the lantern-style wall lamps, and you have delivered a modern nautical feel to your bathroom. It is done without extravagant efforts or doing it too much. As a result, you have created an elegant nautical theme.

Elegant Navy Bathroom

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Sometimes, it is okay to include dark color into the decor, as long as you can balance it out with other colors as well as accessories. White polished corner tub will look great in navy and white bathroom – the half upper part is navy and the half bottom side is white. Use simple accents and accessories such as pale orange curtain with starfish or shell patterns and pale wooden ship’s wheel on the wall. There you have it – an elegant and posh nautical navy bathroom.

A Modern Polished Bathroom

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Who says that the nautical theme should be delivered through rusty and shabby decor? You can actually create a polished and modern look by incorporating the right elements. For instance, you can have a pale green wall paired with white vanity (with marble top) that will create a polished effect.

The floor is wood and the shower area (with glass enclosure) is covered in natural stone. You can have a big shell for floor accessory or a glass bowl with sand and shell on the countertop. This simple arrangement alone is enough to deliver a classy and timeless seaside look.

Wavy Bathroom

Photo by contemporist.com

Why don’t you make use of the tiles and the proper placement? Go with wavy tiles for the shower area to deliver the waves into your bathroom. You can pair it up with blue accents that are scattered all through the room. If you have your own vanity that is still in good condition, paint it blue.

And then add a blue bathroom mat or rug to complement the decor. If you still want to add an accessory or two, a shower curtain with fish or starfish (or other marine themes) will make your bathroom look catchy and unique in the simplest and yet most dazzling way.

Wonderful Spa

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Want to have your own spa at home? It’s time to do some remodeling! No need to do something fancy. You only need to combine white and also blue in the simplest scheme. Pair the white wall with the white tub, and use blue tiles for the floor. It will imitate the sea and the waves instantly.

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If you have palm trees, it would be a good idea to place the tub close to the window (with the palm trees) view. Use wooden shutters instead of regular curtains to deliver a coastal look.

If you don’t have any palm trees, you can cover the window with blue or turquoise curtains with palm tree patterns on them. If you want to complete the look, have an unused folding luggage rack as the tub-side table. It looks great to hold a (small) potted plant, books, and also towels.

Pebble Atmosphere

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Have you ever been to a beach where you can find pebbles everywhere? Why not imitating the looks for your bathroom decor? You can always install pebbles for the floor – by the way, they are great for acupressure treatment. Even if you don’t have any medical issues or complaints, it is great to have those pebbles stimulating your feet and soles.

To deliver even a gorgeous seaside atmosphere, why not installing natural stone on your shower area? If you use a bathtub instead of a shower, the stones can be installed as your background wall. Even if you don’t add another accessory, your bathroom has a clear theme statement.

Vintage Coastal Theme

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Who says nautical theme can’t go vintage? On the contrary, you will have a blast with such a vintage look because it offers more freedom and ’craziness’. No one is going to blame you for mixing up patterns or colors – no matter how crazy it looks.

Vintage marine wallpaper will look great when paired with simple white furniture (such as the vanity). Old crates for box shelf will look great for this decor. Round mirror with nautical shape (fish, mermaid, etc) will complete the look. It would be even greater if it is colorful. Basically, you can find the complementing accessories and accents at secondhand stores or even garage sales. The more unique it looks, the more appealing it would be.

Playful and Cheerful Pattern

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You can always include a cheerful and playful pattern for the bathroom. Go with green, blue, or aqua to strike coastal feel. A word of advice, though, because you are going to have heavy patterns inside the bathroom. Pair the heavily patterned wallpaper with simple and plain accessories and vanity. White vanity with rattan mirror will balance the ‘heavy’ accent of the room. Go with silver shell-style or lantern-style wall sconce so the bathroom will remain catchy without being too much. Don’t worry about the style being imperfect. After all, that’s the idea of the vintage style – to make imperfection appealing and attractive.

Repurposed Elegance

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If you have old, worn and unused items around the house, it would be a great idea to repurpose them. The unused panel boards, for instance, can be used to create a feature wall. If you want to add a splash of color, you can paint each panel so they will create a colorful palette on the wall.

The farmhouse sink is another idea for the bathroom. Whereas most people think that it is great for the kitchen, it is actually perfect for the bathroom – especially the one with a nautical theme. You simply add other accessories like shells on the counter or mermaid wall decor.

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If you don’t really like having a knick and knack on the counter, hang a sea or coastal painting close to the sink. It doesn’t have to be big – a small painting is enough to make a statement.

Sleek and Subtle

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You don’t necessarily need to cover your bathroom in blue or aqua to create a nautical atmosphere. You can even include only white and brown (or cream) and still get the smashing coastal effect. The plan is pretty simple: paint the bathroom in brown or cream and use white vanity and bathtub.

Have a pale blue rug close to the tub to create a sea effect. Have a shell or ship figures for the floor accessory. Keep in mind that they are usually big so be smart about the placement. You can place them on the corner of the room or very close to the tub.

Install bronze or gold hardware, especially for towel hooks and sink hardware. A lantern-style chandelier can be installed above the tub for proper lighting. Have a glass bowl with sand on the counter. Pair it up with porthole mirror (a bigger one is okay). And you will see that your bathroom imitates the soothing and calming sea sand with a little glitter from the hardware.

Seaside Chic

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Creating appealing coastal decor can be feminine and girly but not so much. If you like soft colors and you want to bring in the soothing atmosphere of the sea, then this idea may be perfect for you.

You can have a pale shade of blue and gray that can be paired with white. The blue and gray can be used for the wall while the white is for the vanity, window panels, and bathtub. It would be great if you can place the tub close to the window to access the open world’s view.

These color combinations alone are enough to create a calm and dreamy coastal setting with its sand, sea, and sky. To complete the look, you can have pebbles and starfish wall decor that will look great with the glass bowl of sand put on the corner side of the tub and the window.

If you still want to have some greens, have a small potted plant (some pots will be okay) on the window pane. You have your own dream sea with its peaceful atmosphere.

In the end, you can always bring in the sea to your personal living space – if you know how. The nautical theme is a timeless home decor idea that will transform your regular room into a breathtaking (and calming) haven. You just have to know how to bring in the best elements of nautical bathroom ideas to your space.

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