10+ Perfect Small Bathtub Design Ideas that Is Suitable for Your Bathroom

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Having enough space in each room at our home, from bedroom to kitchen, is the most ideal thing for decorating a house. But it rarely comes true. Most of the time, you have to give extra effort to arrange everything until it fits inside available space. Especially bathroom.

Too many appliances in a tiny bathroom can be emotionally draining for anyone who deal with it. If you are one of them, this small bathtub ideas can tell you everything you need to know.

Bear in mind, it is not imaginary thinking if you want to have bathtub instead of shower even though your bathroom is not so big. With little bit tips and trick, voila! Your dream bathroom will come true.

Before we go any further, installation of tubs should consider many things. First, address the question to yourself: who will use this bathtub, adult only or including the children? Do you wish to bath solo or need to be accompanied (so the tub requires the size where is enough for two)? Does somebody in your home need physical assistance so the ordinary tub will not make it possible? Evaluate this question and make sure you have everything you need.

Because the only matter of designing interior is paying attention into safety issues. For you and your loved ones at home.

Small Bathtub Ideas

Vintage Freestanding Tubs

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The first idea is vintage freestanding tubs. Its shape is very much shorter than current tubs because of the height of people in the past were not as tall as today. It takes approximately 48 inches, or roughly four feet long, for the shortest freestanding tubs. The good thing is, it works well for children and even for the adults in average height.
To strengthen the message of classic vintage, these tubs are completed with clawfoot variety or modern pedestal style. With this style, you can enjoy shower as complement with bathtub. What a perfect cozy bath you can imagine, right?

What makes it fits into your tiny bathroom is because this kind of tub can be placed against the wall and doesn’t require any additional space for the surrounding or deck area.

Japanese Soaking Tubs

Photo by upperholmesburg.com

Japanese soaking tub, like its name, is from Japan but right now is widely available across the West and becoming more popular in the world of design. It is called ofuro because of its important part of ancient bathing tradition in Japan. What makes it different from another conventional tubs?

These tubs are built with seats and so much deeper than American style tubs. The difference about the depth is slightly 27 inches deep. When you sit upright there and the water comes up into your chin, you will feel the sensation of true deep soaking tub.

The size is available in various types, but you can find tub in 41 inches wide. These small tubs perfectly fit with your tiny bathroom. You also can choose round or oval freestanding tubs in diverse material: stainless steel, traditional wood, concrete, ceramic, acrylic or copper.

Corner Bathtub For Excellence Choice

Photo by Purebathrooms.net

Consider implementing corner bathtub if you want to have tub that doesn’t require long wall space compare with standard conventional tubs do. Especially if your room is typically on the square side, consider a corner tub that is specially designed for tight space. Besides the effort to make it looks stylish and spa-like, corner tubs offer extra space close to the sink and good for the traffic in and out of the bathroom.

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Usually, corner tubs come with a built-in apron or are sold as an insert where can be lowered into separate surrounding. Absolutely, the final dimensions will get additional inches.

Basically, these kinds of tubs have five sides with two of them verge two walls. The basin can be in oval, rectangular, triangular, and hourglass shaped. The common size for corner bathtub is 4 feet by 4 feet or roughly larger at 5 feet by 5 feet.

The depth is between 21 to 26 inches compared to conventional bathtub. Don’t forget to spare extra space surround the tub or deck area. Whatever style you may choose, you can find the small tubs in today’s wide selection.

A Petite Pedestal Tub

Photo by Melodramatheater.org

For a compact bathroom, a petite pedestal tub is another smart option. It appears “floating” within the room, that is why this freestanding model takes up less visual space. Pedestal tub offers you another point plus which is flexibility. Depend on the plumbing position, you can put your tub wherever you like and wherever it fits into your room.

What is the most suitable shape to your tub?

It is okay to think beyond the three-walled alcove which is used to hold the most rectangular tubs. When you want to buy a downsized version of tub, there is another installation and shape that can way better fits to your bathroom.
According to the standard measurement of bathroom, minimum size of tub is 60 inches long and 30-32 inches wide.

With this scaled-down category, it will come across 30 inches wide tub that is as small as 48 inches. Do remember that this is only exterior dimensions. No matter how perfect it fits within your room, make sure you sit inside the tub first before you are sure to buy it.

Another common mistake you have to avoid is a tub that is too skinny. If you lose any idea on your very narrow room, pick the slimmest tub probably becoming the most conspicuous solution ever. Yet, every tub less than 32 inches is often too shallow as well. it becomes not suitable to enjoy deep and relaxing soak. Think about the 32 inches wide which expands your available choices and offers a more comfortable option.

If the best tub is already in your hand, lets talk about how to arrange the best layout.

Take your time very carefully while you do this. In a super tight space, there is only a little space for margin of error. To plot out the tub dimensions on the floor you can use duct tape. Is it clear enough to open the door? Is there any available space under the window for corner tub? Think also the possibility of squeezing the tub into 32 inches or is it enough for 34 inches wide.

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You can repeat the measurement process over and over again to make sure there is no miscalculate after the tub is coming and ready to install.

Despite your big concern on finding the small bathtub ideas, actually there are several others things you need to consider in order to open up more space inside your tine bathroom. Check this out!

A Corner Sink For Saving Space

Photo by mortonblaze.org

As one of important things, we cannot eliminate it only because there is no enough space to keep traffic pathway in a bathroom still available. Unfortunately, a small pedestal sink sometimes can bother the only lane of your bathroom.
The solution is, choosing a corner sink across toilet will be better than a pedestal sink across the shower. Maximizing corner space will always save some space.

Float The Vanity

Photo by abilify.club

It is not only giving illusion to make bathroom turns bigger, but mounting vanity above the floor also frees a little space up that can be beneficial for small items.

Expand The Counter Of The Toilet

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Another style arrangement that you can do is using wood or stone slab. The expanding counter makes additional space that enough for extra needed items. Don’t worry, this arrangement will not affect the toilet placement. However, it gives you minimalist and clean look

Take Advantage From Mirror

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In the minimum space, put a mirror across the wall instead of just ornaments can give visually illusion to extend the room. It is because the mirror reflects the wall in front of it so you will feel like the room is two times bigger.
Glass also has similar function like mirror. When it comes into glass, it helps you to feel the space larger. Try to minimize as many visual disturbance as possible to bring a true game changer in term of feeling the extra space.

Make It Bold With Pattern

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Small bathroom is the perfect opportunity for you to uplift the theme or design with something strong. Don’t be shy to choose bold design or neon shocking colour, as long as it still suitable with the mood that you want to establish. The point is: don’t let your entire design be empty and no need to worry to mix and match everything you like!

First theme you may consider is a natural vibe. You can pick wallpaper with palm or bamboo theme. If the motives are already in big size, combine it with softer colour background and vise versa. Put monochromatic things like yellowish black sink or white tubs to make everything balance.

Want to make it black? Yes please. If the dominant colour is already dark, you can mix it with strong light in pendant lightbulbs. To make it more outstanding, you can add one or two elements in very different colour, probably the most shocking one, to strengthen the message. Then your bathroom instantly changes to be uptown glam.

Another large scale pattern, for example like wide stripes, polka dot, or geometric shaped can trick the eyes to see extended space. The actual might stay the same. But the bathroom will feel bigger.

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But if you are into the simplest design and too shy to use mind blowing pattern like those examples, there is another alternative for you. Bring your own personality into the next level through tiny details on the wall pocket or astonishing border sounds great.

Modern Amenities Will Always Have Its Place

Photo by leancystock.co

Even though your bathroom is narrow, but it doesn’t mean you have to throw your favourite amenities away from bathroom. All you have to do is analysing your remaining space in that bathroom. Find the underutilize space or alcove on the corner. If there is, you can put amenities like aromatherapy candle to support your spa-like experience, waterfall feature, or inline water heater to supply your hot water.

Don’t Skimp On Hooks

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Let your remaining space works hard for you. Establishing a clean organized space is the ultimate ideas when it comes into feeling good about it. You will love your small but intimate bathroom even more if you know exactly how to consider every single chance and take the advantage of what works the best for you.

Hang a shelf for easy storage, make a towel tower, or another flying thing that keeps your amenities stay neat and tidy but not ruin your space. You can make a DIY of towel hooks or place to keep soap bar as creative as possible. At the end, it will work nicely for your tiny bathroom.

Source Of Light Is Important

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If you want to make your bathroom into eco friendly room, make sure you have enough window as the source of light. This window also good for your air circulation of ventilation.

We know you cannot rely on window only in term of lighting. If ordinary lightbulbs remind you with old fashion grandma’s house, choose another option. You can use recessed downlight or simple pendant light near the mirror.

Want to make those lights work based on your mood and situation? Buy a dim light. Choose whatever the light you want every time you need to change the ambience.

So, after you read all of these options, do you still confuse on how to trick the small bathroom? All you have to do is figuring out first what kind of style that you want. Is it minimalist, colourful, rustic, sophisticated, or out of the box? It is important to be decided at the beginning because it will influence your option on choosing the tub, amenities, or wallpaper.

After it has done, then you need to measure your room. How long the maximum size of tub that is suitable for your bathroom? Stick with this size while you shop. And the last, arrange it! And your dream small bathtub ideas is really coming true.

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