25+ Rustic Living Room Ideas To Fashion Your Revamp Around

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RUSTIC LIVING ROOM IDEAS – What pops up in your mind when you imagine entering a rustic style living room? A feeling of comfortable and peaceful will quickly get into your heart, right? Creating rustic living rooms is one of the currently popular ideas for those living in urban area.

Applying rustic living room ideas is suitable for them bringing back at old times when they were living in rural places or country sides. Since they can’t stay in rural areas anymore due to livelihood, they can at least give touches on country living through their living rooms.

According to Merriam-Webster, the word “rustic” refers to “of, relating to, or suitable for the country”. It is closely associated with the word “rural”. By reading the definition you can promptly predict on how to create rustic-designed home. This article will tell you how to realize rustic living rooms ideas as one important aspect in making your overall house a rustic-based one:

How to Decorate a Rustic Living Room

Image From Ronnie Gesell Construction

Color selection

Color selection becomes a key factor realizing your rustic living rooms ideas. In this regard, you can choose either brown (light or dark brown) and white as most dominant color. These two are highly associated with rural areas or country sides. You can add other colors but they shouldn’t be as significant as the dominant ones. The two shouldn’t be only put to color walls of the living rooms but also become considerate point before purchasing furniture.

Wooden touch

Wooden element can be another option as basic entry before putting rustic living rooms ideas into practices. Placing all things closely linked to wood can bring you and your family members and guests living in remote, forest sites that bring tranquility.

Actually, choosing brown as dominant color for the planned living room is sufficient. But if you wish for more, you can go for dark brown or even wooden-themed color. The latter brings you mixture of dark brown and light brown, just like those found in timbers.

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The second essential step in realizing rustic living rooms ideas is by opting for proper furniture. In addition to aforementioned furniture with brown, white or wooden-themed colors, you can pick up furniture that are mostly found in living rooms back in rural areas. Here, furniture can encompass many things. You can add a lot of furniture according to your budget.

Large sofa is very much identified with rustic living rooms ideas. With the mission of making living rooms as most favorite room in the planned house, presenting large sofa can invite the whole family members spending hours chatting and interacting with one another.

Hence, making it as comfortable as possible should top your mission. Filling the planned living room with convenient furniture is a must then. If possible, choose long, large sofa for your children can cuddle up and tease to one another here.

After sofa, you can put table, drawer, cupboard, and even mirror in the planned living room. Again, all of them should match with overall dominant color. In the table, you can place flowers, artificial or fresh, magazines, tabloids, or snacks for guests. Drawer can be placed below television. You can buy a television set consisting of a drawer or you can buy them all separately.

Choosing large drawer is more recommended because you can put all small things here. All of the items are more arranged so that you don’t need to frequently clean them all thanks to the drawer’s glass covers.

If you have many kids and intend to make the planned living room to store your collections, books, toys or action figures, as instance, take large cupboard instead. There are stores that offer large cupboards where which you can place a television, too. Stereo speaker, DVD player and other supporting electronic devices can be put here, as well. Magazines, tabloids and flowers can be placed in the cupboard.

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To decorate the planned living room, you can hang a mirror in one of the walls. But only the mirror with no make-up essentials put in a table below it as that may look awkward. Another decorate item is hanging family portraits in the walls.

Roof Ceiling

In addition to paint dark brown as wooden-touch, you can choose wooden materials as the roof ceiling in the living rooms. Applying this will make the room has “forest tone” that later leads comfort and coolness for the whole family and guests. You can choose white rood ceiling or mix white and brown for the roof ceiling.

Large Windows

In rustic living rooms ideas, you need to put large windows. Not only this serves as another element for bringing the rustic ideas into life, large windows are very good ventilation. As a result, not only the rustic ideas bringing to more comfortable living rooms, the ideas can also cause for the whole family members feeling healthy and fresh.

This is because air can go inside and outside the living rooms. If possible, you can depend on the large windows instead of air conditioners or fans.


Applying rustic living room ideas will be incomplete without furnace. A furnace can keep your family in warmth during winter and of course this closely relates to the rustic ideas. As designing a furnace and maintaining it will be costly, you can replace it with large carpet if your main reason is putting rustic touch in the planned room.


It will be better if you choose vintage-designed lamp for the planned room. You can order the lamp to match your rustic ideas. This type of lamp will give classic touch in the already planned rustic living room.

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So, those are our suggestions for making rustic living rooms ideas into a reality. If you agree on the items, discuss with the whole family, including your kids. Match the items with the budget then set aside time for hunting, designing and buying all necessary items. Involve all the family members to make the whole designing room a good chance for making you all getting even more closer than before.

Rustic Living Room Ideas To Fashion Your Revamp Around

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Image From DK Homes LLC

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Image From Pearson Design Group

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Image From Jon Menezes

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Image From Dynamic Architectural Windows & Doors

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Image From Best Custom Homes, LLC

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Image From Peace Design

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Image From The Quarry Mill Natural Stone Veneer Superstore

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