30 Most Popular Rustic Kitchen Ideas You’ll Want to Copy

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Kitchen is an important part of the house which plays a significant role in the life of a family. Having a comfortable kitchen is surely an enjoyable thing for every woman on Earth, especially for those who love cooking a lot.

There are many kitchen design ideas that you can apply to make your kitchen as comfortable as possible and rustic kitchen style is one of them. You can find rustic kitchen ideas from the internet easily, and take one of those ideas to be applied to your kitchen.

The main character of the rustic style is on use of natural and rough materials, such as natural stones. Plus the deliberately unfinished touch on the working or decorations has also determined the rustic style.

With this design, the kitchen will bring the look and the sense of traditional nature into your kitchen. Since the modern and minimalist style has been a popular choice today, rustic kitchen style, on the other hand, will offer you a distinguish and elegant touch into your kitchen.

Here is several recommended rustic kitchen ideas to be applied to your kitchen.

1. The Natural Materials

rustic kitchen ideas for small kitchens
Image From Centre Sky Architecture Ltd

The strongest character of rustic style is on the use of the natural materials. You can use either bricks or natural stone for the walls. The use of the bricks or the stone will give great country sense which is the core of the rustic style itself.

What you should remember is that you don’t really have to cover all parts of your walls with bricks or stone. A certain part only with great precision and estimation will even give stronger taste of rustic style.

In addition, you can also use the woods for the floor or the interior construction for stronger natural sense. The combination of stone wall and wood furniture will let your kitchen has its true natural sense which vividly define your rustic style.

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2. Minimalist Rustic Kitchen

rustic kitchen ideas 2019
Image From Project Sunday

If you live in a modern life like today, yet, you still you wish for a country sense to be in your kitchen, the combination of minimalist and rustic style may answer your demand.

You can use the natural materials such as stone for the walls and the woods on the certain spot on the kitchen. Let the wood comes on its original structure and color; that will enhance the impression of the roughness so that it shows your minimalist rustic kitchen ideas.

3. Woods for The Cabinets

rustic kitchen ideas diy
Image From River Birch Builders

Woods are the best choice for the main materials for the cabinets or even shelves to let the rustic alive in your kitchen. The iron is only welcome to beautify those wood furniture. You should let all the furniture show its natural texture, so you’ll get the touch of real wood grind and the strong nuance of rustic in your kitchen.

4. The Warm Light

rustic kitchen ideas pictures
Image From Studio 133

The warm dimly light is the perfect lightning scheme you can use to give rustic touch in your kitchen. This kind of lightning will have you warm kitchen atmosphere that you often find in the countryside. The golden yellow lightning is also perfect for the interior country identical design look.

You may put a crystal warm light in the middle of the room as the main light. Then, you can add several small lamps on the wall with identical color to enhance the rustic sense. I addition, you can add several more candles, oil lamps, or even torch. They can function both as the lightning as well as the additional decorations.

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5. Close to The Garden

rustic kitchen ideas for small spaces
Image From Kerr Construction and Design

The main idea of rustic kitchen ideas is to bring the nature sense into the kitchen. Setting your kitchen close to the garden or park nearby is one of the most logical things you can do to support this idea. When you have garden, either small or large one around the house, put the kitchen nearby and make sure that you have easy access from your kitchen to the garden.

Wide glass window or doors would be a great idea, so that whenever you are in the kitchen, you can enjoy the beauty of the flowers blooming or the sound of the breeze hampering your face. Such a beautiful moment that you surely won’t miss, is it?

6. Old But Classy Rustic Kitchen

rustic kitchen ideas with island

This is just one of perfect rustic kitchen ideas ever. All the walls are stone structured in rough and irregular order. You can also find ceramics on the wall in old yellow color, emphasizing the meaning of what rustic style is. The woods are dominantly taking over all the room’s look with its appearance on the table on the chairs.

The old tiles are another confirmation that this is just the perfect rustic kitchen. And there’s still one more thing; the metal hanging racks, which also tells you that this is just the exquisite and elegant rustic kitchen.

7. Supporting Ornaments with Natural Colors and Patterns

rustic kitchen ideas on a budget
Image From HND Architects

You can place some ornaments or decorations in your kitchen to enhance the rustic sense. The way you do it is that you have to make sure that you use colors which identical with rustic style like green, pale green, blue denim, oxblood red, and other most pale colors.

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However, you can add more cheerful color if you want to, but make sure that it is not too much. Pay attention the motive pattern that you use as well. Use simple patterns that are commonly used to be implemented by traditional people like boxes, embroidery or calico motive. Then, you’ll get the right rustic nuance you wish for.

8. Montana Family Compound

rustic kitchen ideas pinterest
Image From Shannon Callaghan Interior Design

9. Cambrian Custom Home

rustic kitchen ideas uk
Image From Latala Homes

10. Rustic Kitchen

rustic apartment kitchen ideas

11. Old World Charm

rustic americana kitchen ideas
Image From Monticello Cabinets & Doors

12. Connecticut Historic Home

rustic ideas for a kitchen
Image From Crisp Architects

13. E. Conway Renovation

rustic kitchen and dining room ideas
Image From E. Conway Renovation

14. Seaside Kitchen

rustic kitchen backsplash ideas
Image From RI Kitchen & Bath

15. Hardwood

rustic kitchen bar ideas
Image From Independent Carpet One Floor & Home

16. Contemporary Home North Vancouver

rustic kitchen backsplash images
Image From Kerr Construction and Design

17. Connecticut Historic Home

rustic country kitchen backsplash ideas
Image From Crisp Architects

18. Bell

rustic barn kitchen ideas
Image From Cabinet Concepts by Design

19. Remodel Project

rustic blue kitchen ideas
Image From Insidesign

20. Mountain Formal – Kitchen

rustic basement kitchen ideas
Image From Sesshu Design Associates, Ltd

21. Martis Camp Lot 339

rustic log cabin kitchen backsplash ideas
Image From Sonder Nicholas Architect

22. Connecticut Historic Home

rustic kitchen curtain ideas
Image From Connecticut Historic Home

23. Jonathan Higgins House

rustic kitchen countertop ideas
Image From Douglas R. Schotland Architect

24. Gros Ventre West

rustic kitchen ceiling ideas
Image From Snake River Interiors

25. Swan Lake Estate

rustic kitchen color ideas
Image From Stoddard Construction & Design Inc.

26. Martis Camp Lot 339

rustic kitchen cupboard ideas
Image From Sonder Nicholas Architect

27. Gramercy Penthouse, New York

rustic kitchen counter ideas
Image From Narofsky Architecture + ways2design

28. Kitchen transformation

rustic kitchen cart ideas
Image From Smith & Vansant Architects PC

29. Custom Lodge Home in Caldera Springs

rustic kitchen cabinets images
Image From Kerr Construction and Design

30.Warm Rustic Cabin Kitchen

rustic kitchen decor ideas
Image From Tracery Professional Builders, Inc.

The rustic kitchen ideas will mostly ask you to get natural materials with soft color and rough look and appearance to be used on your kitchen structure since they will give such a strong impression of the nature, which has been the core of the rustic style.

However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot use materials from factory at all. The perfect choice of the materials and its precise combination in the setting may even give you the modern, dynamic impression of rusty style.

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