30 Best Playroom Ideas for Small and Large Spaces

It’s time to decorate the house, play spaces often become things that cannot be underestimated. Determining the best storage composition and layout for toys, determining the furniture that is cheerful and colorful and durable, and creating a more enticing look for the kids’ interest that complements other parts of your home can be both challenging and complicated.

For inspiration, we have compiled some favorite decorating playroom ideas. They are wise enough to please every fan of sophisticated design, but more importantly, they will become hits and friends with children.

1. Full Colored, Morning Spirit Generators

playroom ideas for toddlers
Image From Morgan McMurphy Renovation & Design

Who doesn’t like to see bright, cheerful colors everywhere? Bright colors adorn the walls, chairs, and tables. All seemed eager to welcome the day. This inspiration is perfect for your little one who wants to play actively.

2. Toys Are Everything

playroom ideas for toddler boy
Image From Kate Bendewald Interior Design (KBID)

A unique combination of various shapes and colors of toys displayed combined with the pastel and muted colors of a cabinet. It’s like a balance between active energy and calming time.

3. Traffic Theme

playroom ideas for boy
Image From Smart Playrooms

This nuanced space of transportation is actually more aided by the aerospace trend. Miniature airplanes hung gallantly in the corner of the room. While the walls illustrated by road traffic and railroad tracks reinforce the impression of macho.

4. Playroom Ideas in Millennial Minimalist Home

playroom ideas diy
Image From STUDIO Villanueva Architecture, LLC

Playroom placement is important even though the house is quite small. The living room can be used as a children’s play area. Avoid furniture that takes place or the important needs of parents to avoid damage or mess. Whiteboard under the TV is enough to give the kid a smart impression.

5. Wide Play Area

playroom ideas
Image From Effect Home Builders Ltd.

The area of this room is indeed quite large, especially since it is almost certain that the homeowner does not intend to put things here. This gives children the opportunity to run here and there without obstacles and minimize the chance of accidents.

6. Library Miniature for Intelligent Kiddos

playroom ideas storage
Image From Agsia Design Group

Seeing the landscape at a glance can be sure the occupants of this room like to read. The smell of literacy is lingering here as the eye quickly catches a neatly arranged row of books equipped with a reading table and a relaxed sofa. Coloring the cabinet with bright colors balances seriousness with the world of children who cannot be separated from the game.

7. Sports Lovers Spot

playroom ideas small spaces
Image From Modern Kids

Does your little one likes the ball? Or basketball? Whatever it is, support it by mapping the playroom with various sports icons. The energy is felt in the middle of the basketball hoop and the ball goal. But the presence of a large robot in front of the window is able to remind that your child is still your little baby. Shades of beige for the walls give a calm atmosphere.

8. Playroom Ideas for the Energic Who Cannot Stop Moving

playroom ideas pinterest
Image From Interiors by Popov

This inspiration is intended for rooms that have a large floor plan. The little one who can’t stand still needs facilities to run, swing, jump, climb and express his reasoning through the blackboard wall. The presence of a puzzle carpet also stimulates active reasoning power.

9. Dream World Night Park

playroom ideas in living room
Image From Factory Flooring Direct

The impression of “goodnight” is so thick. Lighting the night lights and star moon scenarios add to the beautiful night atmosphere. A large yard outside the arena of the game you can set up a tent to provide camping experience under the moon. This playroom idea is perfect for calming your little one who is having trouble sleeping with the help of reading drifting fairy tales.

10. Girly, Pink for the Pretty Princess

playroom ideas ikea
Image From Shalena Smith Interiors

This pink playground is perfect for your lovely baby. The impression of feminism in collaboration with the layout of the princess’ bedroom is striking here. Grow the female spirit of a beautiful little one. The installation of vintage chandeliers and ancient ornaments on the walls gives a classic yet epic impression.

11. The Bedroom Concludes the Luxurious and Spacious Play Area

playroom ideas for toddlers
Image From Ware Architecture Studio

If enough space is available then the inspiration for the playroom interior design ideas should be applied. Starting from the front end of the placement of a small sofa to relax, then the bed attached to the wall of the room, then a cozy play area. The dominance of white on the walls adds to the room becoming more spacious and cleaner.

12. The Wood That Becomes the Meeting Center

playroom ideas for toddler boy
Image From Learn’ique: Design-to-Learn

Who says wood cannot display its true beauty? With beautiful paints, wood can be crowned as a children’s play center. Wooden tables and chairs connect a natural feeling with your child’s interest in the natural beauty of nature.

13. Compound Themes Are Here

playroom ideas for boy
Image From Learn’ique: Design-to-Learn

Looking at this playroom ideas model, what do you have in mind? Diversity is here. Starting from the bazaar stand, globe, castle miniature, small library, and toy sundries along with a small sofa where to relax. Blending bright colors stimulates the power of imagination and creativity to develop.

14. Playground for The Animal Lover

playroom ideas diy
Image From PH Architecture

Your child is happy with wild animal life? Facilitate by creating their connectedness through wild animal dolls that fill their playground. Placement of musical instruments in the corner of the room is also useful for your child to channel his artistic talent. The round ceiling is the center of attention with large windows for lighting.

15. Simple Interior Design in a Small Room

playroom ideas
Image From Learn’ique: Design-to-Learn

No matter how small the available space, you can still set a playroom in the corner of the house. By modifying the walls into tables and equipped with simple iron chairs, the look of this playroom is very pleasing to the eye and looks quite spacious.

16. Lincoln Park Transitional

playroom ideas for toddler boy
Image From BGD&C Custom Homes

17. Bonus Room / Guest Room

playroom ideas for toddlers
Image From Rebecca Driggs Interiors

18. Major Remodel

playroom ideas diy
Image From Energy Smart Home Plans

19. Parade of Homes

playroom ideas for boy
Image From Guardian Homes

20. Yaupon Valley Remodel

playroom ideas storage
Image From ATX Architects

21. Greenwich Village Loft

playroom ideas
Image From Raad Studio

22. Champlains’s Bluff

playroom ideas small spaces
Image From Polhemus Savery DaSilva

23. Harlem Residence Children’s Room

playroom ideas ikea
Image From Mabbott Seidel Architecture

24. Client Modern Lodge

playroom ideas pinterest
Image From S.Flynn Designs

25. Beech Project

playroom ideas in living room
Image From Suzanne Nichols Design Group, Inc

26. Deaton’s Home

playroom ideas ikea
Image From C Blake Homes Inc.

27. Family Farmhouse Addition

playroom ideas in living room
Image From Suburban Renewal Inc

28. Indoor Projects

playroom ideas pinterest
Image From Fuller Living Construction

29. Wilmette Modern

playroom ideas small spaces
Image From Jen Talbot Design

30. Family Apartment Interior

playroom ideas storage
Image From YoDezeen Architects

There are many things you can do to make the playroom a pleasant area for your children. Some playroom ideas are considered to be enough to inspire the model of what area your children want. You can invite your child to determine wall hangings, materials used, and furniture to store all their belongings in a way that is still accessible to them. The most important thing is to prioritize the safety of children first.

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