25+ Incredible Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

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Outdoor Kitchen Ideas – Living in a house with a beautiful kitchen is a dream for couples. You may be one of those couples who is dreaming of a beautiful house with nice outdoor kitchen. There are actually some ways to make your kitchen look incredible by using some kinds of decorative items and furniture products.

You can put any kinds of cool items on your kitchen table that you can also create it by yourself. Somehow, remodeling your outdoor kitchen can be a difficult thing to do. Fortunately, you can check these following outdoor kitchen ideas for your inspiration.

Transitional Patio

Transitional is a beautiful outdoor kitchen idea that brings rustic atmosphere made from wood materials. This can be a good choice to have al fresco look on your patio for countryside outdoor kitchen.

You can build a strong dining table in the middle with an integrated grill to make it more attractive for such a traditional outdoor kitchen. This would be a great place to relax while enjoying your breakfast and dinner along with your family members. You can keep everything natural with the original wood accent.

Modern Patio

It is a perfect outdoor kitchen idea that brings a futuristic concept in the middle of a city. This amazing outdoor kitchen idea is really good when you apply it to your apartment rooftop.

Everything looks modern and you also have to use modern furniture products starting from the chairs, kitchen appliances, kitchen table, and even the stove. It is undeniable that this contemporary modern outdoor kitchen will be your perfect place to have quality time with your family members, partners, friends, and even your guests.

Contemporary Landscape

Contemporary landscape brings natural view with futuristic outdoor kitchen concept for luxurious houses. This outdoor kitchen idea is basically similar to a patio that has incredible glassy roofing for beautiful sky sightseeing. Meanwhile, it is perfect with a large dining table with three modern chairs to enjoy your meals.

Every corner of the outdoor kitchen looks awesome with a natural view of green plants along with beautiful sunset to welcome the dinner. The combination of black and white accent make this outdoor kitchen look contemporary and modern despite it is built in the middle of a countryside.

Lake Residence

This is one of the largest outdoor kitchen ideas that you may try if you have a villa near a lake. Let us call it lake residence outdoor kitchen that brings natural atmosphere without any roofing. So, this outdoor kitchen is built in an open space, but you only prepare a square for placing your furniture.

Since it is large enough, so you can put some important items and furniture products such as a round table along with some chairs and a large dining table with wooden chairs. Meanwhile, the atmosphere looks more perfect because the surrounding area has beautiful lake scenery and green forest.

Outside Kitchen

You can bring your cooking experience outside your house by building an outside kitchen. This outdoor kitchen idea has its own concept in which you have to build a special place for the kitchen. This kitchen is separated from your home.

Meanwhile, you do not need to use a solid wall because the glassy wall will make everything look perfect with its beautiful natural scenery. In addition, you can also apply simple concept for the kitchen furniture that is made from original wood such as round small wooden table, four chairs with modern foaming, and a big cabinet to store your items.

Old-fashioned Patio area

This is a rustic outdoor kitchen idea that brings natural look in every corner. Maybe, this will be your amazing option if you are looking for an old-fashioned patio kitchen area with a Japanese style. In this case, you may apply to a modern cabinet in the far corner with stainless steel stove and storage.

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Meanwhile, you can use a low dining table made from wood along with its beautiful colorful simple bench. The flooring concept itself also uses rustic material made from wood to bring traditionality. In fact, this outdoor kitchen actually has a modern and old-fashioned concept for city houses.

Typical Outdoor patio

The pièce de résistance of this outdoor kitchen is the wood-burning stove, which implies pizza and also newly baked bread could be on this house owner’s Memorial Day food selection. Another draw is the kitchen’s stunning background– Oregon’s green environments.

Outdoor Kitchen With Pizza Oven

It will be your great time to enjoy your leisure time along with your family members while cooking some pizzas in your outdoor kitchen. This outdoor kitchen idea looks compact and simple, but it uses some modern items made from stainless steel and glass.

You can also build a modern kitchen sink to wash your dishes. Meanwhile, choosing wooden material for your chair will be perfect too. This amazing outdoor kitchen looks incredible with its natural view around. But, it has no roofing, so you have to get inside your house when raining.

Mediterranean Patio

Mediterranean Patio outdoor kitchen idea is a perfect option if you want to back to the century. You probably feel bored with a modern kitchen that looks so mainstream. This is your good time to remodel your current outdoor kitchen so that it looks like a kingdom kitchen made from rocks.

Well, everything seems looks so rocky without any painting. Basically, you can build the wall with bricks, but make sure you do not paint it. Now, you can check the kitchen appliances that use modern style made from stainless steel. So, it can be an amazing combination to get a perfect Mediterranean atmosphere for your outdoor kitchen.

Traditional Porch

It is not a dream any because you can apply a traditional outdoor kitchen idea that uses rustic materials made from wood and stones. This is suitable for tiny outdoor kitchen concept in which you can use a modern dining table and chairs made from glassy and stainless steel material.

You can look at the ceiling that looks so traditional with its original wood accent. Nevertheless, it still looks adorable and natural thanks to the beautiful view with its green atmosphere. Anyway, this outdoor kitchen is really good for houses in a countryside. This will not only make you feel peaceful, but it also will make your life more harmonious.

Pergolas, Pizza and a Swimming pool

Next, there is a chance where you can build an outdoor kitchen with a swimming pool. Meanwhile, you can also apply Pizza kitchen concept to unite your family in one beautiful spot.

This outdoor kitchen is really suitable for a villa house that is built on a high area where you can see a beautiful scenery from your kitchen. Meanwhile, you can combine modern and traditional accent for this kitchen. You may use a wooden material for the cabinet and nice tiles for the countertop. Anyway, this is a nice family spot during the holiday.

Cooking sitting pretty

Back to city life with a modern outdoor kitchen idea that is built on a rooftop. Perhaps, you really want to build this nice kitchen that has a beautiful skyline view in the center of the city. In this concept, you can try to use long kitchen countertop made from acrylic and ceramics.

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Meanwhile, there is a small sink with a stainless steel faucet to make it look more modern. The cabinet itself is made from wood with a dark brown accent. Without roofing, this rooftop outdoor kitchen looks so adorable with beautiful blue sky view. It is also a good place to mingle with your family members during the New Year or Christmas Eve.

Southern California Style

Southern California Styled outdoor kitchen brings a futuristic concept that combines rustic material and contemporary materials. In this case, you may build a small patio in the backyard with a large glass window. It looks beautiful because you can enjoy your cooking with a beautiful nature view. Meanwhile, the furniture used may vary and it can be made from wood, stainless steel, and even plastic.

You can also have a large dining table in dark accent to make the atmosphere more attractive. In addition, the wooden style is applied to the flooring and the ceiling which add value to your modern homes.

Magnificent High-end

This Mediterranean-style verdana is as awesome as the views past.

A Kitchen With a Tall Sight

Can you imagine how it feels like enjoying your leisure time in the middle of a forest between two high buildings? Well, this may be an option for a beautiful kitchen with a tall sight. Basically, you can build a simple outdoor kitchen between two buildings. You do not need to make roofing because of you simply some furniture products and kitchen appliances there.

The beauty comes from the green plants that you can see directly from the spot. Meanwhile, you can add some decorations on the dining table with beautiful table lamps. This concept becomes more perfect because it has a warming area with a fireplace on the wall.

Dan Uggla’s Penthouse, Grill

When baseball slugger Dan Uggla bet the Atlanta Braves, he resided in this Buckhead penthouse which includes the entire leading floor of the Terminus building and features the largest private terrace of any condo in the city.

All the Conveniences of Residence


This may become your favorite concept for the best outdoor kitchen idea that combines many accents and items. It is built precisely behind your house with a large patio concept using ceiling. Moreover, you also can add a hanging fan on the ceiling for beauty value.

You also can build a small fireplace near the kitchen sink along with its large countertop made from granite material. Thus, you can add some furniture products such as a dark grey sofa with small living room table. You can also complete it with a colorful rug to add more value. This must be a perfect outdoor kitchen that you can build on your patio.

High-end in The Desert

Do you want to have an outdoor kitchen with a desert atmosphere? Well, you can try this high end in the desert concept for your outdoor kitchen remodeling that uses a rustic and Mediterranean idea for the old-fashioned kitchen. In this case, you can use many items made from wood with unique roofing made from blue glass.

This concept may need more space when you want to apply some items to the kitchen. You can build a minibar with small stools made from wood. Good lighting can also add value to your outdoor kitchen for romantic nuance. This outdoor kitchen is a good place for a family gathering to have a barbeque and dinner.

Farmhouse Design

Farmhouse design is an outdoor kitchen idea that looks incredible and amazing because it combines naturalness and future. Well, you can build a small patio in the backyard and paint it in white accent. It is perfect if you also build the ceiling for the shade. Simply, you can add a small round dining table with four chairs.

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In the far corner, you can build a mini kitchen sink along with a compact stove for cooking. This amazing outdoor kitchen is really suitable for a modern house that has a beautiful garden. You can invite your family to join dinner in this place while enjoying the night.


An outdoor kitchen, fireplace and also eating location are linked to a pool to earn this backyard the best place to amuse on cozy days or chilly evenings.

Moroccan-Style Gazebo

Morrocan Styled outdoor kitchen becomes another Mediterranean concept for your patio remodeling. If you have a free space in the backyard or you do not know how to change your patio, it seems that you can build an amazing outdoor kitchen with Morrocan style gazebo.

This concept brings yellow atmosphere combined with brown accent. Moreover, the roundtable and the solid chairs make the kitchen look perfect. In addition, you can also add some beautiful decorations on the ceiling to make it awesome.

Backyard Retreat

It is a nice idea to build a small outdoor kitchen in your large backyard. You do not need to connect this kitchen to your house, but you can build it alone. Simply, build a small patio made of wood and then arrange some furniture products around the area.

You do not need to use a large stove and dining table because you may need to bring them back to home when not used. This outdoor kitchen can be the most favorite choice for many homeowners, but you need to have a large garden.

Intense and Blue

You do not need to build a patio in the backyard, but you can use your balcony to build a small outdoor kitchen with an amazing lake view. The blue accent comes from the blue glasses that you arrange on a large dining table. It also comes from the blue water from the lake.

The intense itself is taken from the furniture products used. In this case, you can use a wooden dining table with original accent along with its long benches made from the same material.

Kitchen Herb Garden

The upright natural herb yard serves a twin objective, it offers privacy as well as flavor.

Spanish Veranda

Having the cooking location put right into the wall surface of your home allows very easy hook up to water as well as utilites.

Bountiful Buffet Space

Constructed around the sight, this outdoor kitchen uses a lot of counter space to produce a smorgasbord of delights.

South Coastline Swim-Up Bar

Restaurants can take pleasure in a meal or alcoholic drinks either on the outdoor patio or while remaining on a swimming pool stool.

Fit For a Crowd

A hardwood structure produces a rustic setting for this extensive outdoor kitchen located in Pennsylvania.

Mediterranean Blue

This lively outdoor kitchen functions all-over aquamarine as well as royal-blue Spanish ceramic tiles, giving the area a true Mediterranean vibe. Thorough wood accents, like the bent structures as well as above the grills as well as cupboards doors, finish the rich look.

Enchanting Dining

A Southwest-style fire place warms this outdoor kitchen and eating area. The sink as well as cooking devices line the external wall surface of this cozy veranda.

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