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30 Stylish Gray Living Room Ideas To Inspire You

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Gray Living Room Ideas – The living room is one of the most important parts of your house. It is the place where you will hang out with your family and friends, therefore, it needs to have an inviting and cozy atmosphere.

A gray tone can be a nice alternative for this part of the house, however, putting too much of this color will make your room looks boring. But don’t worry, we have carefully selected some gray living room ideas to inspire you make a modern and chic living room without making it looks dull.

1. A Hint of Gray-Toned Furniture

Gray Living Room Ideas
Image From Keith Wing Custom Builders

Having a gray-themed living room does not mean that you have to completely fill the room with gray furniture and gray walls. Too much of a gray color will make your room looks gloomy. Try to incorporate a few grey tones for your furniture only. For example, gray throw pillow and lampshade, also gray rug under the white colored couch.

2. Incorporating Gray Wall

living room ideas in gray
Image From Angela Arnone-Orel,

Another option is to incorporate gray wall for your living room. Opt for white couch and cabinets for a minimalistic approach. You can also add a patterned rug for a more stylish and modern look.

3. White and Gray Themed Living Room

ideas for gray living room
Image From Gemma Parker Design, LLC

White is a great combination to gray color theme. It gives you an effect that makes your room looks larger. Hang a mirror on top of your fireplace to enhance this effect. Add a hint of gray color furniture such as the throw pillow to balance the white backdrop.

4. Textured Gray Couch

gray and white living room ideas
Image From NXG Studio

Another interesting way for a gray living room ideas is placing a gray couch set in the middle of your predominantly white room. The big window adds extra natural light that will make your living room cozier.

5. Gray-toned bookshelves

gray living room decorations
Image From Rikki Snyder

Show off your favorite book collections in gray bookshelves and place brown colored sofa set in the room. Now you have a nice living room and reading room combined.

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6. Gray Wall and White Frame

 gray couch living room ideas
Image From Christopher Jones Photography

If you’re in doubt on how to incorporate gray themed living room, a gray wall and white door and window frame is a subtle yet interesting way to do it.

7. Gray Colored Everything!

living room ideas with gray couch
Image From State Street Interiors

If you are more confident with the gray colored themed, though, don’t shy away from gray furniture and decorations. Add a yellow upholstery for a pop of color to keep your room interesting.

8. White living room with a hint of gray shades

You can throw the gray shades here and there in your white colored living room such as the window frame or throw pillow, and also the fireplace.

9. Classic Gray Living Room Ideas

gray living room ideas pinterest
Image From Peter Eskuche, AIA

Gray-themed living room easily shows elegance and classic feel to it. Luxurious sofas and embroidered throw pillow is a great accent for this theme.

10. Rustic Style Living Room

blue gray living room ideas
Image From Jess Cooney Interiors

You can boost your rustic style living room by adding gray leathers sofa and rug. The mason fireplace will also put the look together.

11. Bring Out The Elegance

light gray living room ideas
Image From My Town Building & Remodeling

Create an elegant look by adding textured sofas and gray upholstery. The combination of white and gray in the living room will easily bring out elegance.

12. An Extra Pop of Color

gray and red living room ideas
Image From EcoCraft Homes

Who says that gray colored theme will only good with other cool and neutral color? Add a hint of a pop of color such as orange chair and throw pillow to give you extra warmth.

13. Modern Living Room

gray and yellow living room ideas
Image From Alliance Residential

Gray textured wall with a white couch is an easy way to create a modern feel to the room. Fresh cut of white flowers will brighten the look of your living room.

14. Stylish Gray and White

gray and burgundy living room ideas
Image From Martha O’Hara Interiors

A combination of white furniture and gray wall with white trim is one way to create a stylish living room. A big window will allow natural light to come through and enhance the modern look.

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15. Brown Shade to Complement The Gray

gray and tan living room ideas
Image From Fiorella Design

If you have incorporated a lot of gray into your room, such as the gray wall trimmed with white, gray cabinet, and gray sofa, you can balance everything out with brown shade rug and light brown floor.

16. Rustic Element

gray living room paint ideas
Image From Bellingham Bay Builders

Give your cabin extra cool design with a hint of gray couch and glass table. This cool tone color works well with the wooden texture of your cabin.

17. A Patterned Rug to Add Depth

black and gray living room ideas
Image From Jill Litner Kaplan Interiors

If a block of color seems to be too boring for you, you can use gray patterned furniture or rug to add depth.

18. Modern Vibe to Your Living Room

living room ideas with gray sofa
Image From SterchiConstructionLLC

The combination of gray, white and brown shade gives a modern vibe to this living room design. The golden ornament not only adds a pop of color but also enhance the stylish and modern personality.

19. Break The Monotony Feel

gray and yellow living room decorating ideas
Image From Susan Glick Interiors

A block of gray color can feel monotonous, however, you can break this monotony feel is by adding texture to the room. A patterned rug, textured cabinet, and also modern mirror can be a nice and easy trick.

20. Contrasting Colors

gray and teal living room ideas
Image From Mix Design Group

Gray room walls and furniture in contrasting colors is a perfect combination. A white patterned rug and dark brown wooden floor will give you nice modern look to your living room.

21. Bring Out The Classic Feel

gray and brown living room ideas
Image From Patrick Ahearn Architect

Bring out the classic and elegant feel to your room with a silky curtain and gray couch. Enhance the feel by adding a white classic chair and coffee table set.

22. Gray and Dark Brown Themed Living Room

gray living room decorating ideas
Image From Ashwood Designs and Custom Homes

Another gray living room ideas for modern and classic personality. Gray couch will complement the modern feel to your brown wooden themed room.

23. Gray Color Scheme

gray living room decorating ideas
Image From Ashwood Designs and Custom Homes

A variety of gray shade in the living room makes a great idea for those who cool-toned room but doesn’t want it to be too overwhelming. Lighter gray walls combined with darker gray couch and doors are perfect for this look.

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24. Contrasting Color for a Fun Personality

living room ideas with gray sectional
Image From Lucile Glessner Design

Does gray living room feel dreary for you? Simply adds a contrasting color to make it more playful and fun!

25. Earth Tones

decorating ideas for gray living room
Image From David Magri, Professional Remodeler

Gray colored living room looks well put together with earth tones furniture and wooden floor. It creates warmth as well as elegance the room.

26. Gray Color Soften The Patterned Furniture

living room ideas with gray furniture
Image From Davies Design Build

Patterned furniture can be lovely, but combined with “loud” color can make it feel overwhelming. Gray shade often softens the feel of patterned rug and other furniture.

27. Gray Accent to Your Earthy Toned Room

gray living room furniture ideas
Image From Tate Studio Architects

Gray shades here and there is a nice addition to your earthy toned room. In this picture, you see gray patterned throw pillow and gray walls to balance the earthy-toned theme.

28. Gray Accents to The White Living Room

gray sectional living room ideas
Image From HW Interiors

Another simple gray living room ideas you can try is by placing a hint of gray color into your predominantly white living room. A dark gray coffee table and lighter gray rug giving a nice contrast to your room.

29. Large Window to Add Warmth

gray and blue living room ideas
Image From Hanson Builders, Inc.

A cool-toned room can give you a cold and solemn atmosphere sometimes. However, a large window will lessen this feel. You can also add patterned couch for a more playful feel.

30. Gray Marble Floor

dark gray couch living room ideas
Image From Laura Burton Interiors

Gray marble floor with black fireplace gives you an elegant and modern feel. It is also a great way to create a minimalistic feel.

Those are a few gray living room ideas you can incorporate to your house. Don’t be afraid to experiment because this neutral colored theme will never go wrong for your living room. Dare to try it?

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