28+ Elegant White Kitchen Design Ideas for Modern Home

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White kitchen is never a wrong idea. The elegance of white kitchens can always provide a good mood. In addition, it is excellent for improving the appetite. Indeed, the sparkling white color will improve the beauty of a kitchen in no time.

Even though people should do an extra care and maintenance for the white kitchen, the prettiness of it will give a focal point for the interior. White Kitchen Ideas are varied and we can adopt one of the most stunning selections for our house.

1. Combining White Color with a Tint of Gold

white kitchen appliance packages

Image From The Artisan Company

White color delivers the impression of clean and clear. However, it will be boring to have just white for the entire kitchen. We do need to give it a combination so it can be more sparkling. Gold is one of the most beautiful choices for combining the snow-white color. We do not have to be excessive.

We have to apply gold in a smart way. Pick gold for the cabinet handles. We will also love the way gold color decorate the ceiling through a fancy lighting fixture. The faucet of kitchen sinks can also have a touch of gold for delivering more elegance.

2. Grey for White Kitchens

white kitchenaid

Image From Stonington Cabinetry & Designs

Grey is not a Bad idea for the White Kitchen Ideas. Most people believe that white kitchen should have all white cabinet. That can be true but can be boring at the same time. We need to play smart in deciding the color. If we want to have all pastel color, grey is often a good choice. In a color palette, grey will be warm when it is mixed with grey. Also, grey can give a highlight for the white kitchen theme.

3. White Food Storage

white kitchen backsplash ideas

Image From Castle Homes

Being organized is the important element of a fantastic kitchen. The secret of a clean kitchen is a good organizer. Therefore, we need to make sure that we have a functional organizer and storage. When it is for a pretty white kitchen, a white kitchen storage will do.

We can combine food organizer and kitchen utensils storage within one area. It will be easier for homeowners to use a kitchen when everything is well-organized. White cabinets, drawer, and white shelves will be excellent as we add bright lighting. So, make sure that the lighting fixtures and illumination support the cabinet functions.

4. Minimalist White Kitchen Island

white kitchen cabinets

One of the most standout White Kitchen Ideas is the minimalist kitchen island. We all know that white kitchen is identical to a classic kitchen design. Some people pick white color for their shabby and chic theme. However, white kitchen also works well for creating a modern and minimalist kitchen.

However, we have to be sure that we pick white kitchen island to be the highlight of the kitchen. Simple handle, simple faucet, and modern lighting fixtures over the kitchen island will make this white kitchen idea super cool.

5. Be Monochromatic in White Kitchen

white kitchen chairs

Image From Elizabeth Lawson Design

White Kitchen Ideas include some color scheme. And we will never be able to ignore the beauty of black for coloring the white kitchen. Black always be the best couple of white. However, we need to use it proportionally.

We should not use too much black so it will not ruin the main theme of white kitchen. Also, we need to make sure that the black color that we use blend the entire furniture well. Black can resist dirt so it will contribute a good factor for cleanliness.

6. White Stools

white kitchen cabinet doors

Image From Haven Design and Construction

White Kitchen Ideas need to make everything cool and elegant. One way is to use the smallest detail with white color. The furniture can made of wood or metal but we need to make sure that the furniture has a tint of white. For those who have a wide space for creating a white kitchen, stools for a kitchen nook can look cool as we pick white cushion on them.

Besides, the countertop of white marble will match the stools perfectly. Sometime, we need to spice up the table with pop up color. Purple will create a fresh look for the bright atmosphere. Besides, it will be more stunning to use fresh flowers to add a lively ambiance in the kitchen.

7. Combining the Space of White Kitchen and Home Library

white kitchen sink

Image From Coats Homes

Is it possible that we create a shared space in our kitchen? It is now possible to combine a kitchen with any space that we want to. Even when the room will have many books, it is still possible. We need to only make sure that the space is possible to split.

We have to also use good quality fan and exhaust fan for removing the smell directly as we cook anything smelly. Besides, we have to be smart in dividing the space. We can use white kitchen furniture to highlight the white kitchen theme. However, we do need to use the contrast color for the furniture that we use around the library. Play smart and get the amazing atmosphere in the shared space.

8. Saving Space in the White Kitchen Ideas

white kitchen backsplash

Image From Edmond Kitchen & Bath LLC

White kitchen can give the impression of a wide space. This is due to the white and bright color. However, tiny space will remain tiny. We thus have to be smart in selecting and designing the furniture.

One idea is to use a sliding storage. We need to use more than a fridge to storage foods, snacks, and many others. The tall sliding storage will be the solution of a small kitchen that holds many food supplies.

9. A Walk in Storage

white kitchen table

Image From Cummings Architects

A white kitchen deserves to get the best storage area. It will be pretty and of course tidy to have a walk-in closet for storing food and supplies. For a more stylish look, we can use a sliding door. Sometimes, the smell of food supplies is not so good for the entire kitchen. Therefore, when we store them in a room, our white kitchen will be more comfortable.

Other Elegant White Kitchen Design Ideas

10. All That and Then Some

white kitchen bar stools

Image From The Kitchen Studio of Glen Ellyn

11. Transitional Elegance

white kitchen backsplash tile

Image From Kitchens by Eileen

12.Kensington, MD

white kitchen blue island

Image From Case Design/Remodeling, Inc.

13. Irvine 2

white kitchen black hardware

Image From Pacific Coast Builders, Inc.

14. Modern Farmhouse Saratoga

white kitchen black appliances


15. Brookwood II

the white kitchen restaurant

Image From Marci Knoff Interiors

16. Hardwood Flooring

the white kitchen jcube

Image From Tacoma Floors

17. Newport Beach, River

the white kitchen camden

Image From Cornerstone Construction and Property Services

18. San Jose Res 2

the white kitchen chennai

Image From Fiorella Design

19. Cliff House

the white kitchen menu

Image From Catherine & McClure Interiors

20. Modern Farmhouse with a Storied Past

the white kitchen jcube menu

Image From Studio Dearborn

21. Westwood Hills English Tudor Renovation

the white kitchen by tokyo latte

Image From Paige Pierce Design

22. Island Green Ct – Harvey Reno

the white kitchen company

Image From MMI Design

23. Crest Meadows Custom Build

and white kitchen curtains

Image From Ascend Building Co

24. Classical Kitchen

a white kitchen design

Image From Pickell Architecture

25. Turtle Lake idea ShowHouse

white kitchenaid appliances

Image From Arteva Homes

26. New County Road

white kitchen and living room

Image From Signature Interior Designs

27. Sun and Surf

white kitchenaid dishwasher

Image From Kala Interior Design

28. Lake Minnetonka Tailored White Kitchen

white kitchen accents

Image From Liz Schupanitz Designs

29. Pantry

white kitchen accessories

Image From Dwellings Design Group

30. Mills Lake 2

white kitchen apron

Image From The Artisan Company

White Kitchen Ideas are always worth the cost and hard work. Homeowners should dedicate their time and money for designing a stunning white kitchen. Be classy and always simplify everything; those are the keys of the white kitchen elegance.

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