22 Hanging Bathroom Storage Ideas for Maximizing Your Bathroom Space

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Not all bathrooms have a lot of space and big, some are tight and small in comparison which often lacking spaces for the item you might need there. Not only that, it is quite hard to add some storage to a small bathroom since it’s lacking some space.

This might be an issue for you who have a lot of necessities to keep in the bathroom. So is there any solution to the problem? Do not fret, when it comes to find a better storage options, hanging bathroom storage might work for the small space you have. It is an innovation when you can put storage without eating too much room and a great way to organize your stuffs.

Unfortunately, if not done correctly, these can be a mess, which is why many people avoid them. Thankfully, there are several ways to get some great wall hanging bathroom storage ideas that match your bathroom décor, give you the space you need, and don’t look tacky at the same time. If you have a tight space, there is no need to feel cramped or cluttered in your bathroom because we have the solution.

In the gallery below, we have 25 unique and interesting bathroom storage ideas for your bathroom walls that will turn your space into an efficient area for your needs. With these ideas you can avoid feeling cramped and finally enjoy your bathroom without the need to feel cramped and suffocated.

Bathroom Storage Ideas

Hanged Basket

Photo by homedecormagz.com

Some baskets especially the wire ones do not have to be on the floor all the time. In fact, you can turn those wire baskets into something more efficient. For you who have limited space, the concept of having a hanged basket might work for your bathroom.

All you need to do is a few screws, drywall anchors and washers to anchor them on your wall and voila! You have your own bathroom storage for your necessities that won’t eat your ground space at all!

Wall Of Basket

Photo by australianwild.org

Another basket storage that you can use in your bathroom. Unlike hanged basket that is basically made by using a wire basket, this time you use a wooden one or aluminum. Most of the time, these baskets come in a square shape like a box.

The first step to make a wall of basket is by hanging two parallel towel bars and cut some ribbons to thread it with your baskets. Do tie them to the secured bars so that it won’t fall. If you are done secured the basket, then congratulations, now have some storages!

Tower Of Buckets

Photo by rimma.co

A DIY bathroom storage idea comes from glamour. This DIY hanging bathroom storage made from IKEA Fintorp utensil holders, ropes, and small buckets. To make this, you need to know on the all-purpose clothesline on the sides which is about eight inches between each bucket.

If you are done, then double-knot the clothesline when you get to do the last bucket and do cut off the additional portion. Hang the finished bathroom storages on the simple hook of your wall and voila! Your hanging bathroom storage is ready to use.

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Hair Tools Organizer

Photo by nelliebellie.com

For you who need some storage for your hair tools, this hair tools organizer might be helpful. Made from file organizers and PVC pipes, this organizer is perfect for hair straightener holster.

The one who create this DIY, Janel from Nellie Belle has another idea when it comes to the materials. She used a vertical wood plank and aluminum slots to make the organizers, but you can always customize it with a colored duct tape.

Stick Organizers

Photo by kerella.info

With only $11, you can change a 3-pack of StickOnPods into a nice bathroom cabinet which you can use to store some small tools organizers such as Q-tips, nail polish and many more.

To use this, you need to attach the StickOnPods to your medicine cabinet door and after that you finally have and probably increase your bathroom storage space to organize your cosmetic needs inside.

Bottle Caps Toothbrush Holders

Photo by fijingenoegen.be

Bored with the usual toothbrush holders? Hold my beers sisters and brothers, you can do some creative works to make it by using the recycled plastic bottle caps.

The only thing you need to do to make this is to make a small notch in the cap with some boxcutter and slapped some Velcro on the back of the caps. Once you are done, you can finally have a new home for your toothbrush.

IKEA Picture Ledge Above The Sink

Photo by housebeautiful.com

Another IKEA product that you might want to try. Some people might think that a picture ledge only works to hold some pictures. But in reality, you can do more with it.

Do place this picture ledge between your bathroom mirror and then sink, put some perfume, soap or any bathroom necessities on it and you have a perfect hanging storage in your bathroom.

Divided Box Above The Sink

Photo by tourismproject.me

You can add or install some divided box above the sink. Like picture ledge, this divided box has the same uses. But with this, you will have bigger space inside the box and most likely, do make this box by yourself using woods and stuffs.

Magnetic Make-up Storage Board

Photo by recreoviral.com

We all know that sometimes, we storage some of our make-up in the bathroom especially in front of the bathroom mirror, but if we lack the storage, where should we put our make-up to?

Don’t worry, with this magnetic make-up storage board you can put your make-up on a board of an old picture frame that is made from metal sheet, fabric and most likely magnet that can make your make-up stay put on the board.

This board is pretty efficient and space saving for those who have a small and tight bathroom.

Second Shower Rod

Photo by sohu.com

Don’t have any space to put your shampoo and soap? No worries, by installing the second shower rod in your shower and put some additional hooks, you might have some storage to put those stuffs.

Suction Stuffs To Your Shower Wall

Photo by wisercost.com

This is the cheapest and easiest hack to make a hanging bathroom storage. The only things you have to do is have some lace hair ties through and around the suction cups and stick it to the shower’s wall.
Slip another stuffs such as shaving cream, body wash, shampoo and conditioner through the hair ties and like the suction cups, do stick it to the shower’s wall and voila, you have a dollar store craft storage in your bathroom.

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Towel Racks On Your Back Door

Photo by amazingajmer.com

Living in a small space means you might be lacking some space to dry something. In the bathroom, most likely we need to use the rack tower to dry it. But what happen if we need to hang more than one towel?

Do not be worry, like how Martha Stewart does to her bathroom, you can use4 to 5 towel racks installed to your backdoor to minimize the use of space in your bathroom.

Upcycle The Old Drawer Into A Mounted Mini Storage For Your Bathroom

Photo by lovethispic.com

This storage is made from the old small drawer or dresser, you might anchor it to the wall and paint it again to make a new hanging bathroom storage cabinet to put some of your stuffs like shampoo, body wash and many more.

Hanging Plastic Shoe Organizer For Your Bathroom Necessities

Photo by incheonfair.org

Who said the plastic shoe organizer can be only used for shoes? You can always put the shoe organizer on the back of your bathroom door and make a new bathroom storage to put your toothbrush, body wash and make-ups in one go without eating too much spaces.

Rope Towel Rack

Photo by shads.org

Another towel rack you can make. This one is made from the rope. Using only three eye bolts and of course the rope, this space-saving towel rack placed strong on the wall while at the same time giving your bathroom a rugged look.

Wine Rack For Your Towels

Photo by picclick.com

You can use the wine rack to store some towels. The towels need to be rolled. But other than that you can put anything from washcloths, towels, and shirts.

Retro Doorknobs Towel Rack

Photo by younglearners.co

A towel rack made from a recycled old doorknobs putting on the wall. You can hang your towel on it without any fears to eat your bathroom space.

Repurpose Wooden Hangers Into Towel Hooks

Photo by takprosto.cc

A unique bathroom storage hack created by the genius Ki Nassauer. To make this towel rack you need two wooden hangers and two dowels.

To make this you need to anchor the dowels to the wall, then screw the hangers and make sure to place it upside down into the dowels and you are finished. With this you can finally hang big towels from the hangers’ inverted hooks and some hand towels on the hangers’ flat bases. This is quite efficient isn’t it?

Magazine Hanger

Photo by scalnet.info

For you who are into the old-school newspaper rack, this hanging bathroom storage hack idea might work. You just need to layer your magazine or newspaper on a hanger and place it on the most noticeable convenient knob in your bathroom cabinet and voila, you have a new magazine hanger in your bathroom.

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Long Door Hanging Bathroom Storage

Photo by pinterest.com

A long bathroom storage created by IKEA. It is made from fabric with a lot of place to put your bathroom necessities. It has four levels with two spaces on each level to put your things. Available in Europe, this product is quite popular and often used in apartment and dormitory.

Curtain Rod Basket And Storage

Photo by dicasnainternet.com

This bathroom storage idea hack is coming from the country of Sakura, Japan. By using wire basket, bucket, and plastic basket and connecting them with shower rods and utensils holder on the wall, you might get a big storage without having the needs to buy some bathroom dresser or stuffs.

You can also mix the color of the wire basket, bucket and plastic basket as long as the wires to make an aesthetic pleasing storage without spending too much money.

Woven Basket Closet Organization Idea

Photo by practicallyfunctional.com

The materials you need to do to make this woven basket closet are Moen Belfield towel bars with the size of 18”, large s hooks (two per hanging bin or basket), chain or rope (1’ or 2’ per hanging bin or basket), storage baskets, and cosmetic cups.

The tools you need to have are cordless drill, level, measure tape, and 2 pairs of pliers.
The first thing you need to do to make this woven basket closet is to take down the existing towel bars or toilet paper bars and change it with the Moen Belfield towel bar. Install the two 18’’ towel bars above the toilet to perfectly hang your storage bins from.

For each storage you need two s hooks that are large enough to be on the towel bar. Using 2-1/4 a hooks are perfect for it. You also need two smaller s hooks to attach the basket and two length of chain to hang the basket intact to it.

Cut the chain to length by counting the links you wanted then pry apart the link above with pliers to break the chain. For the acrylic cosmetic cups, do drill a hole in either sides of the middle cup so you can put the s hook through the hole.

Once your towel bars are installed, the only thing you need to do is to hang everything up you have made.
Put the large s hooks to the ready towel bars. Add a small s hook and do attach it on your baskets or cups. Add a small nail through the basket into the wall behind and your woven basket is ready to use!

That is all 22 hanging bathroom storage ideas for maximizing your bathroom space! Do you find your ideal bathroom storage idea? If you do, don’t forget to start planning and buy some materials in your local store.

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